How We Use Cledara at YouScan

YouScan, is an AI-powered social media listening tool that works with customers like Nestle, McDonald’s, Samsung, PepsiCo, Vodafone and Google. Find out how Cledara helps YouScan scale their operations and manage their SaaS better.
How We Use Cledara at YouScan

YouScan, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, talks about how they use Cledara to manage their finance, how it helps and a few surprises Cledara helped uncover.

We recently sat down to speak to Alena Tokareva —CFO at YouScan — to find out her finance team has been using Cledara to manage their finances for more than a year.

Alena Tokareva —CFO at YouScan

What is YouScan?

We are an AI-powered social media listening (SML) and image recognition platform, used by 500+ major brands and agencies worldwide such as Nestle, McDonald’s, Samsung, PepsiCo, Vodafone, Google, Mediacom, Publicis and Kantar TNS

YouScan was named as a “Cool AI Vendor for Marketing” by Gartner and awarded as a leader in social media Visual Analysis by SaaS Advisor.

YouScan is a powerful yet easy to use tool with market-leading image recognition capabilities that helps companies to become better by listening to their consumers online. Our tool helps brands to connect with their audiences, uncover valuable consumer insights to improve products and services, and also to find new sales leads. YouScan started to use Cledara a little over a year ago when we were a team of 80 people (now we are over 100)

How do you use Cledara at YouScan?

YouScan uses Cledara for daily payments for SaaS, online advertising and employee expenses up to $1,000. There are two levels of access for our employees to Cledara, administrative access for department heads and members access for their teams. Team members submit a card issue request, and their team leader approves or rejects the request.

We also use Cledara to automatically collect, reconcile and store supporting documents like invoices and we are very happy that this process is automated now. Based on data from Cledara, YouScan classifies and regulates expenses for online services, and we export this data into our finance management software.

What do you like most about Cledara?

Cledara is really easy to use. We had no issue introducing the system to our employees.

Moreover, it allows us to control and analyze expenses, especially subscriptions.

But probably what I like the most is the security that Cledara provides to payments. Before Cledara, we used ordinary corporate cards, the details of which we shared among employees. The process was unsafe and led to cards needing to be replaced.

How has Cledara helped your finance team?

It helps the finance team a lot, it is definitely the most powerful tool that we use.

Cledara helps us to control SaaS and immediately deactivate cards for those that are no longer relevant. For instance, upon dismissal of employees, even if the card is linked to a personal subscription, we can terminate the activity immediately.

Cledara also helps to see from which department the employee made the expense and contact them if the finance team has any questions.

It has also facilitated the process of collecting supporting documents like invoices, analyzing and budgeting expenses more efficiently.

Moreover, we can now spot immediately any increase in expenses. As there is a limit on the card, we can find out if the allocated budget is insufficient so we focus on resolving the issue.

Did Cledara surface any information that surprised you?

That there is an easy way for employees to spend the company’s money themselves while controlling the whole process at our end!

What’s one feature that you wish was supported by Cledara?

It would be great to have an opportunity to top the Cledara balance up via SWIFT transfer and to add a "one-time-only" budget option.

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