The software management
platform for finance teams

Get full visibility of your software, cut excess spend
and streamline software-related admin

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Cledara gives Finance and IT teams complete visibility and control over their organizations software

All of your software spend, visible and under control

Buy, renew and cancel software

Surprise charges? Not anymore. Approve new apps and budgets, evaluate renewals ahead of time and check vendor compliance to make smarter decisions every time.

Put day-to-day tasks on autopilot

Software management is now a breeze. Access your real-time directory of software and hosting to automate day-to-day access requests, budget changes, contracts, invoices and manual accounting tasks.

Identify opportunities to spend smarter

Make wasteful software spending a thing of the past. Spot underused, duplicate and similar tools at a glance to ensure you get the most out of your spend.

Manage access to software

When a tool isn’t doing what you need, stop charges with a single click before renewal. If someone is moving on from the company, ensure they’ve been offboarded correctly with visibility of every tool.

A Software Management
Platform finance teams love

All of the tools finance teams need to manage software spend end-to-end

"Cledara has given us full oversight of our subscriptions and a way to manage purchases securely. We’re very thankful for how they’ve helped manage our software."

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

"We now know when contracts are ending, and can actively contact vendors to renegotiate before they charge us. We use Cledara’s insights to help negotiate and explore other options."

Nathan Humphreys, Finance Manager

“We onboarded Cledara right before we implemented a four-day workweek. Now, we’re able to save time and move quickly on software spend, which would’ve been impossible with our previous software management workflow.”

Zac Conroy, Finance Manager

"We were using Spendesk but it wasn’t great because we couldn’t see who owned each subscription or who was using it. It could only track some software spend. Cledara changed how we managed software and made life a lot easier. "

Peter Fallowfield, IT Manager

"You can’t assign budgets to things you can’t track. Before Cledara we couldn’t see the big picture."

Demet Durmuscelebi, Group Financial Controller

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Visibility of your stack,
updated in real-time

Cledara updates your directory with new tools, owner information, usage,
payments, budgets and invoices. All in real-time.

application directory

An application directory that you can trust

Finally, a source of truth for all your applications. Including owners, historic spend, renewals, contracts and usage data on each application.

Historical Data Graph

Real-time and historical reporting

Are we on budget? What’s the forecast for the quarter and year? Get clarity on your software budget, how it’s changing overtime, and where it’s headed.

Approved and unapproved apps

Approved and unapproved applications directory

Software you didn’t approve can’t hide anymore. Spot and prevent security issues before they become big problems. Keep it safe.

Software budgets

Software and analytics, budgets and forecasts

Is the team fully using that expensive app you paid for last year? Cledara does the digging for you and shows you which tools aren’t being used so you can pay for the right number of seats.

Person managing renewals in a laptop

Manage renewals, requests and payments

Review renewals and budget changes ahead of time and handle access requests for tools in one place. If needed, block charges from any app with a click.

Purchase workflow example

Purchase and renewal approval workflow

Route approvals to relevant stakeholders, run compliance and potential overlap checks and safely pay for software with Cledara’s virtual cards.

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Application Directory

Get visibility over every tool, what it costs, and how much you use it.

Software Security

Get visibility of security risks before they become a problem

Spend Optimization

Stay on top of software spend with insights to optimize your stack

Accounting Automation

Put your accounting on autopilot with automated invoices and reconciliation