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One place to see, buy and manage your software subscriptions. Time to focus on what matters.

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All-in-One SaaS Management

Rethink the way you manage your SaaS

Complete purchase control.

Take control of your software.
Approve a secure unique virtual card, with spending limits, for every subscription.
Cancel anytime in a click.
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Single source of truth.

Bring together your software subscriptions, people and processes on Cledara to create a hub for all your SaaS.
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Focus on the bigger picture.

Get the freedom to think beyond month-end.
Automate your invoice capture, reconciliation and bookkeeping and give yourself time to think about the future.
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Stay on top of SaaS compliance.

Move fast, don't break things.
Cledara embeds compliance into your software purchasing and management process so you can comply with ease.
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Cledara gives you the control you need before things get out of hand.
Laura Beales
Founder @ Tally Market
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Cledara has given us a better oversight of all of our subscription costs.
Jenny Liu
Head of Finance @ Marshmallow
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The thing I like the most about Cledara is that it is very clean and easy to use.
Ed Barrett
Finance @ Butternut Box
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Cledara does everything you need and it pays for itself. It’s awesome.
Adam Paxton
VP of Operations @ Carbon
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Save time, money and leave your SaaS worries behind

Visibility on SaaS subscriptions
Hours saved every month
Cashback on SaaS

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Jenny Liu
Finance Leader @ Marshmallow

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