An account built for scaling companies

Cledara is a collaborative business account built from the ground up to help companies move faster

Apply online in 10 minutes, approval within 24 hours

UK and European companies eligible

Companies with multiple Directors, Shareholders and People of Significant Control welcome

3 month free trial

Peter Zotto

General Manager, Profit Well

"There is a serious need for an actual vendor management solution that can help companies... that is what Cledara is offering, which is great."

Will Prendergast

Partner, Frontline Ventures

"Cledara is tackling a new and emerging problem: the growth and sprawl of SaaS costs. They are dealing with it in an automated/controlled fashion... which I have not seen before."

Brad van Leeuwen

Head of Partnerships, Railsbank

"Cledara is a great business account for teams - people can buy what they need, when they need it so the company doesn't slow down, while we stay in control of our burn rate too"

Cledara is the only business account that saves you money

According to Gartner, 30% of a company's software spend is wasted on forgotten, duplicate or unused software. 

Cledara tracks the SaaS subscriptions your company is paying for and lets you stop paying for anything in one click so you can reduce your monthly SaaS software spend and save up to 30%.

Web-based interface with permission-based team access

Business Account in GBP or EUR

Unlimited Virtual Cards

Subscription Dashboard

Real-time vendor management. See what cloud software the company is using in one place, to help comply with regulation and onboard employees faster

One-Click Cancellation

Don't risk forgetting what you've subscribed to and being stuck paying it forever. Cancel anything in one click

Instant Corporate Cards

Give anyone in your team a virtual corporate card instantly, or empower them to create their own and share them with others


Monitor burn rate, predict future spend, track what is being spent by each team. Compatible with Xero and other popular accounting packages for further analysis

Approval & Delegation

Share access to the account in a controlled and secure way. All payments and new cards can be subject to approval. Role-based permissions means that confidential information stays that way

Manage Risk

Real-time visibility gives you the ability to take immediate action to prevent overspending, duplicate software subscriptions, shadow IT, GDPR breaches and more

Built for digitally native companies that are growing fast


Cledara is the simplest way to manage cloud software across your organisation




Includes everything in Silver, plus:

Unlimited Approvers

Email, Live Chat and Phone Support

SSO Integration



Up to 250 Employees

Includes everything in Bronze, plus:

Up to 10 Approvers

Compatible with Xero

Team Analytics

Team Budgeting (Soon!)

Automatic Cloud Software Detection (Soon!)

Email and Live Chat Support



Up to 50 Employees

1 Approver

UNLIMITED Virtual Cards

Vendor Management

Basic Analytics

Basic Budgeting

One-Click Cancellation

Email Support

Full Bank Account with Sort Code and Account Number

3 month free trial

3 month free trial

'Best SaaS Startup of the Year' 2018

3 month free trial

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