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purchasing and management

Manage, control and automate your company's cloud software so that you can scale your operational processes, comply with regulations and save money.

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Save time and money and manage risk with our full stack SaaS Operations platform

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Purchasing & management

Integrated SaaS purchasing and management powered by virtual cards keeps data in one place, saves manual work and enhances business continuity.

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Visibility for your software

Allows everyone in the company to see what software is available so you can streamline employee onboarding and offboarding, optimise processes and track software budgets in real time.

Easy cloud compliance

Manage processes for your SaaS required by SOC2, ISO27001, GDPR, UK Cyber Essentials and the FCA or European Banking Authority's Cloud Outsourcing Guidelines.

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Automate SaaS admin

No more wasted time hunting invoices, doing manual reconciliations or bookkeeping. Connect your team's emails to capture invoices, reconcile and account for it automatically.

Rewards Program

Europe's first card rewards program built just for software

Earn points on most things you pay for with Cledara and redeem those points for cash. There's no limit on what you can earn with Cledara Rewards.

On software subscriptions

Earn double reward points on the software subscriptions you use to run your business, including Intercom, Segment, Heroku and more.

On almost everything else

Earn points on just about everything else you buy with Cledara cards, including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

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An average company's software subscriptions earns the equivalent of £6,800 worth of points each year.
Brad van Leeuwen, COO Cledara
SaaS Operations

Empower your team without losing control

Cledara is mission control for your company's cloud software, for everyone in the business, including IT, HR, Finance and team members. We power the whole journey of SaaS - discovery, authorisation and purchase, management and compliance to cancellation of anything in one click.

Customisable authorisation process before purchase
Secure information with role-based permissions for the entire business
Integrated audit trail and compliance
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Automatic Administration

Save hours on repetitive reconciliation and bookkeeping tasks

Put your invoice capture, reconciliation and bookkeeping process on autopilot by connecting your email and accounting systems to Cledara and never chase an invoice again.

Connect securely to email services powered by Gmail
Connect with Xero and other accounting software
Prevent overspending with real-time visibility
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Why customers love Cledara

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“We have been using Cledara for a while now and I am loving it. It’s so much easier for me to get approval for services that I use which require monthly payments.”
James Mills
Head of Technology, Clicksco
”Cledara saves time as the team can now create cards and set up subscriptions without needing a traditional shared card which is unsecure at best! Cledara is a valuable reporting tool for managing what we are paying. For any size of software team I would recommend you use it“
Tom Howsam
Profile photo of Rob Knoss
”Great service that makes the life of our small company a lot easier. Most helpful and efficient support”
Robert Knoss
CFO, Desolenator B.V.

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