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Think beyond closing the books

Control the journey of your software from approvals, spend, payments and SaaS admin to make more time for the work that matters. All in one central place.

Control your software spend

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Create a virtual card with a preset budget for every subscription.

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Avoid sharing card details

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Never get overcharged again

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Find and cancel subscriptions in a click

One dashboard. 100% of your subscriptions.

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Real-time actionable analytics for subscriptions and users

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Forecast spend for all your applications and analyse historic trends

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See all your renewals ahead of time and forecast payments easily

Make closing the books a breeze

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Automatically capture and match invoices to payments 

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Automate reconciliation and bookkeeping processes 

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Put your software subscriptions bookkeeping on autopilot

See the bigger picture in one place

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View all your applications and owners in one place

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Understand ROI with spend analyses and breakdowns

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Flag and avoid duplicate subscriptions

Software was never as profitable

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2% cashback on all software spend

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1% cashback on all non-software spend

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No FX or foreign transaction fees

Sadie McBlain, Financial Controller @ Railsbank

For me the control is key. Oftentimes trying to stop subscriptions has been a nightmare. The fact that you are able to disable your card by yourself in one click is amazing.I also like the fact the team has the access and flexibility to manage their own SaaS subscriptions.

Grace Wildsmith, Management Accountant @ Unmind

We've doubled our company headcount in the time we've been with Cledara, but we haven't had to grow the size of our finance team. All thanks to Cledara.

Alena Tokareva, CFO @ YouScan

Cledara is definitely the most powerful tool that we use. What I like the most is the visibility that Cledara gives us of all our software subscriptions.


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Cledara gives you the control you need before things get out of hand.
Laura Beales
Founder @ Tally Market
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Cledara has given us a better oversight of all of our subscription costs.
Jenny Liu
Head of Finance @ Marshmallow
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The thing I like the most about Cledara is that it is very clean and easy to use.
Ed Barrett
Finance @ Butternut Box
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Cledara does everything you need and it pays for itself. It’s awesome.
Adam Paxton
VP of Operations @ Carbon
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Jenny Liu
Finance Leader @ Marshmallow