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Get visibility and control of your subscriptions

30% of your software budget is wasted on unused or duplicate software. The solution? A tool to give you control and visibility of your all SaaS in one central place.

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SaaS management platform

Is your SaaS getting out of hand?

Cledara puts you in control. With Cledara, your teams can discover, buy, manage and cancel SaaS in an intuitive and scalable way for your business.

Create a unique virtual card for every subscription you approve and always stay in control of budgets. Cancel any subscription in a click.

Empower your teams with the SaaS they want, while getting the visibility and control you need.

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Get visibility and control of SaaS requests and purchases
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Create virtual cards linked to budgets
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Cancel anything in a click
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Real-time SaaS visibility and reporting

View all your company's SaaS on one screen. Avoid duplicate applications and understand company-wide SaaS spend with a personalised dashboard.

Get real-time actionable reports to optimise and control SaaS like never before. Avoid suprise renewals and unapproved overage charges.

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All your SaaS in one screen
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SaaS spend reports by team and individuals
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Subscription renewal reminders
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Historic spend analysis & budget forecasts
Invoice automation

Automate SaaS invoice collection and reconciliation

Never chase down an invoice again.

Cledara collects all your SaaS invoices automatically, instantly matches them to their payment and automates your accounting.

Month ends becomes a breeze and you can finally get out of the weeds.

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Collect all SaaS invoices automatically
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Match them to their payment instantly
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Automate the accounting
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"We've doubled our company headcount in the time we've been with Cledara, but we haven't had to grow the size of our finance team. All thanks to Cledara."

Grace Wildsmith
Management Accountant, Unmind

"For me the control is key. Oftentimes trying to stop subscriptions has been a nightmare. The fact that you are able to disable your card by yourself in one click is amazing.I also like the fact the team has the access and flexibility to manage their own SaaS subscriptions."

Sadie McBlain
Financial Controller, Railsbank

"Cledara is definitely the most powerful tool that we use. What I like the most is the visibility that Cledara gives us of all our software subscriptions"

Alena Tokareva
CFO, YouScan

Manage your SaaS in one place

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