Software Security

Spot security issues before they become a problem

See what tools everyone is using, approved or not. Know which tools hold user or customer data, so you can spot and prevent issues across your software stack.

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Get eyes on software before it enters the business

Integrate approvals for purchasing and compliance

Avoid unapproved and unsafe tools by embedding approvals into your purchasing journey.

Route approvals to relevant stakeholders

Enable buyers to purchase what they need – while maintaining security and control.

Find and manage unapproved software

83% of Cledara customers discovered unauthorized software – Let Cledara find it for you with Engage.

Deploy our privacy first shadow IT tool in less than 5 minutes

Get a live view of unapproved tools that are being used

Work with users and stakeholders to approve key tools

Continuous software visibility

Get complete visibility of payments, usage, purchasing and changes all updated in real-time.

Get alerted to anyone using unapproved software

Quickly asses vendors with application owners

See a full history of activities and changes for each application

“When I started there was a lot of shadow IT and people with their own subscriptions. Now we’ve been able to lock that down. This is especially important because we're trying to get our ISO 27001 certification.”

Peter Fallowfield, IT Manager

“Cledara Engage immediately captured 15% more subscriptions we hadn’t heard of and linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner.”

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

“Cledara Engage immediately captured 15% more subscriptions we hadn't heard of and automatically linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner.

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

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Cledara Engage

Make decisions about your stack with usage data for every tool

Application Directory

Get complete visibility of your software stack, costs and usage of tools


Connect Cledara to software, accounting, HR and SSO tools

Software Compliance

Stay in control of your software requirements for ISO27001 and SOC2