Your software stack, secure and under control

See and secure every tool—even the ones your team bought without telling you

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Manage software access, compliance and informal SaaS

Manage software subscriptions from the day you purchase a tool
to the day you cancel it—and every plan change in between.

See approved and unapproved tools

Gain full visibility over your stack and its usage so you always have a real-time handle on your software and stay compliant.

  • Real-time application directory
  • Unapproved software detection
  • Visibility of vendors' compliance status

Manage approvals and renewals

Collaborate with other stakeholders to securely evaluate new tools, handle access requests and understand the value of current tools.

  • Route approvals to assess new vendors
  • Get upcoming renewal alerts
  • Customize compliance templates for SOC2 & ISO27001

Secure your software stack

Evaluate current and new tools added to your stack. Spot all unapproved software and, if needed, cancel them in a click.

  • Discover unapproved apps
  • Cancel non-compliant apps with a click
  • Delegate security and data assessments to relevant stakeholders
A dashboard showing software approval processes

Give access to the right tools every time

Manage all requests and onboarding to software tools from one central place

A dashboard showing software approval processes
  • Handle requests to access tools
  • Create onboarding and offboarding workflows
  • Keep track of users and seats

Spot opportunities for safer software usage

Catch inefficiencies in your stack straight away and make sure your teams use the right tools at the right time.

Identify unapproved tools

Cancel non-compliant apps with
a click

Delegate compliance assessments

“When I started at my company there was a lot of shadow IT and people with their own subscriptions. Without Cledara, it would have been very tricky to track and pass our ISO 27001 certification.”

Peter Fallowfield, IT Manager

“Prior to Cledara, we found it really hard to keep track of software. We were spending a lot of time finding out which team was responsible for what.”

Takashi Lawson, Finance and IT Director

“Cledara Engage immediately captured 15% more subscriptions we hadn't heard of and automatically linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner.

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

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