Your software processes, automated and in order

Manage software operations from the day you purchase a tool to the day you cancel it—and every plan change in between.

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Streamline your software operations

With Cledara, you get complete control of your software operations from purchase
to cancellation and everything in between.

Manage approvals and renewals

Collaborate with other stakeholders to securely evaluate new tools, handle access requests and understand the value of current tools.

  • Route approvals to assess new vendors
  • Get upcoming renewal alerts

Delegate the invoice collection to Cledara

Cledara puts software accounting on autopilot, so you can focus on more important things.

  • Automatic invoice capture and matching
  • Reconciliation to your accounting software
  • Integration with Quickbooks, Xero, and Netsuite

Give access to the right tools every time

Manage all requests and onboarding to software tools from one central place

A dashboard showing software approval processes
  • Handle requests to access tools
  • Get onboarding and offboarding workflows
  • Keep track of users and seats
A dashboard showing software approval processesA dashboard showing software approval processes

One platform,
100% of your software

Get an overview of the essential details of your tech stack.

  • Real-time application directory
  • Spend analytics
  • Software usage reports
  • Visibility over unapproved software

Spot opportunities for painless spending cuts

Catch inefficiencies in your stack in real time with Cledara’s optimization insights

Identify potential duplicates and overlaps

Spot under-used seats and tools

View all unapproved software

Block charges for a specific tool in a click

“As we were growing rapidly, we needed a way to manage all our software subscriptions and pay for these services. And that's exactly why we reached out to Cledara.”

Jan Hospodka, COO

“With Cledara, all the maintenance and internal audits are done in a matter of minutes.”

Adam Paxton, VP of Operations2

“Cledara Engage immediately captured 15% more subscriptions we hadn't heard of and automatically linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner.

Portrait of Jenny Liu, Head of Finance of Marshmallow

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

Portrait of Jenny Liu, Head of Finance of Marshmallow
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Spend Optimization

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