Analytics and Reporting

Understand every dollar of software spend

With comprehensive reports you can understand exactly how your software spend is allocated, how it’s changing over time, and how it compares to budget in real-time.

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Report on spend and trends

Analyze your spend across teams, categories, and custom tags. Know exactly what’s being spent, where spend is increasing or decreasing, and how this compares to budget.

  • Applications

  • Teams
  • Software Categories
  • Budgets
Modal showing usage of software tools


Modals showing spend against budget


Data table showing spend by category

Software Categories

Reports showing software spend over time


Real-time updates from a single source of truth

With your software payments connected to Cledara you get a live view with full, detailed data on your software expenses.

Instant updates on payments

See payments and reports in real-time

Split application budgets

Accurately track budgets across teams

Export data for more analysis

Easily export your data for deep analysis

Optimization Recommendations

Get insights into your spend so you pay the right amount for the right tools

Duplicate subscriptions

Get alerted to tools that your company has multiple subscriptions for so you can combine and save.

Overlapping features

Review tools that are in the same category so you’re not paying for tools that do the same thing

Unused seats and tools

With usage data you avoid paying for unused seats and tools

Price increases

See how spend on tools tracks over time and be alerted to price increases

Team Budgets that Empower

Set software budgets for each team, allocate the cost of tools between teams and empower them to optimize their stack within budget.

“We can now see what teams are spending and who is in charge of each subscription. It’s easy to see how spend is tracking against budget.”

Charlie Maynard, Financial Controller

“Once we set up Cledara and saw all our spend in one central place, we were very surprised with how much certain teams were spending.”

Ed Barrett, Finance Leader

“Cledara helps us see how the spending on certain software has increased over time. Plus, it has allowed us to make more malleable assumptions of future spending.”

Grace Wildsmith, Management Accountant

“Cledara Engage immediately captured 15% more subscriptions we hadn't heard of and automatically linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner.

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

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