SaaS Management

Bringing visibility and control to the whole SaaS lifecycle


Visibility and Collaboration for the whole team

Cledara powers collaboration by teams, whether they're in the same office, working remotely or on different continents. With Cledara, team members can see all the cloud software available to them across the business, what each team is using and who administers each tool.

This accelerates the time it takes to get access to new cloud software, reduces waste and duplication and helps streamline leaver, joiner and mover processes within the business.

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Role-based permissions appropriate everyone in the business
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Asynchronous collaboration and communication
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Real time analytics and insights
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Integrated approval and purchasing

By linking approval and purchasing, Cledara enables a lightweight procurement process for companies requiring control over their cloud software. Each SaaS product managed with Cledara is paid for with a unique Cledara virtual debit card, ensuring enhanced security, improved business continuity and more control over software.

Expired or compromised cards no longer result in having to update payment details of the whole stack and you can stop paying for unwanted software by cancelling an individual card.

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Instant one-click card issuing of virtual cards
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Cards are debit, not prepaid, and therefore are accepted everywhere
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No caps, limits, or fees on payments, including FX
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Real time control & automation

Cledara automates the manual administration created by cloud software every month by automating invoice capture, reconciliation and bookkeeping so that finance teams can spend more time creating value for a business.

Management dashboards give leaders oversight of the whole software stack and actionable analytics to help understand how the software stack is changing over time, what that means for budgeting and where software could be consolidated and savings made.

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Automatic invoice capture directly from email
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Automatic reconciliation and bookkeeping
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Audit history for full software lifecycle
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Real time management dashboards and oversight
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Individual & team level analytics
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“We have been using Cledara for a while now and I am loving it. It’s so much easier for me to get approval for services that I use which require monthly payments”

James Mills
Head of Technology, Clicksco
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“Great service that makes the life of our small company a lot easier. Most helpful and efficient support”

Robert Knoss
CFO, Desolenator B.V.
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“Cledara saves time as the team can now create cards and set up subscriptions without needing a traditional shared card which is unsecure at best!”

Tom Howsam

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