Our mission is to help companies bring visibility and control to their SaaS

"What we are building is a must-have for all companies that want to thrive in the subscription economy"

Cristina Vila Vives
Founder & CEO, Cledara
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Our mission is to improve your relationship with software

Cledara helps companies around the world simplify the way they discover, buy, manage and cancel software.

A Letter from the CEO

Why I created Cledara

Cledara is a result of my life-long desire to start a company that focussed on helping people.

After a few years in banking working on process modernization, I took that experience to a fintech startup where I was first exposed to the tension between fast growth, and the resulting chaos created by lack of processes and control - and the specific culprit identified was the number of software subscriptions teams required to fuel that growth...and how quickly the whole thing became unwieldy. 

This felt deeply personal because the problem went beyond fractured processes and inefficiencies costing the company time and money. It affected people’s lives. The frustration individuals felt managing the overhead created by dozens of SaaS applications, negotiating user privileges, gaining access, canceling subscriptions, or chasing down invoices became untenable. 

Cledara was born to solve this tension. 

Cledara aims to create a shared consciousness in a business where teams work harmoniously together, aided - rather than hindered - by their software and processes. We truly believe that the value we create extends beyond the workplace, to the individual that can spend their valuable time on what they choose. This is the true power of technology.

Cristina Vila Vives
Founder & CEO

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Founded by Cristina Vila in 2018, The Cledara team combines financial services experience and deep technology and startup expertise. The team has worked with leading financial institutions and fintech startups including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Caixa Bank, dopay, Railsbank and PayPal.

Cledara is supported by a wide range of advisors from companies such as Techstars, Mastercard, Anthemis and Morgan Stanley.

Cristina Vila Vives
Founder & CEO

Brad van Leeuwen
Co-Founder & COO

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Cledara is available in the United States and 28 countries across Europe including the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and The Netherlands. The Cledara card is available in USD, EUR and GBP. 

We support our customers and partners from three global locations:

Denver, USA

London, UK

Barcelona, Spain


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