Accounting Automation

Put your accounting on autopilot

Say goodbye to hours chasing down software invoices and mysterious charges. From payments to monthly close, Cledara does the work for you.

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Modals showing payments and accounting automation flow

Capture software invoices automatically

For every payment Cledara captures the invoice, matches it to the payment and stores the invoices for you to view or download.

Speed up reconciliation

Make month-end a breeze, with Cledara’s accounting integrations.

Know what every software charge is for

Match invoices to every payment

Sync directly to your accounting system

Download transactions and invoices

Keep your records accurate

Cledara updates your transaction from the source of the payment, so the data is always accurate. Get instant updates from payments, split payments between teams for accurate spend and budgets and use custom tags to view detailed reports.

“The invoice matching is so good. I took a week off, came back and all of the payments and invoices were correctly matched. Next time I’ll take two.”

Nathan Humphreys, Finance Manager

“We used to waste 1-2 full days a month on just chasing and matching invoices. Now it’s all automated and it’s really helped with team culture not having to chase people every month.”

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

“Month-end was a nightmare before Cledara. It all fell on our bookkeeper and me and it took a huge amount of time and resources to work out where the transactions are coming from and who were the right people to chase for invoices.”

Charlie Maynard, Financial Controller

“Cledara Engage immediately captured 15% more subscriptions we hadn't heard of and automatically linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner.

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

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