Spend Optimization

Keep your spend on track with insights

Get alerted to price changes, review unused seats, compare potential duplicates and overlaps on your software stack.

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Software Spending Insights

Cledara updates your reports as payments happen, so you
get accurate numbers, in real-time.

Duplicate tools?
Not on our watch

Paying for the same tool under multiple contracts? Cledara spots duplicates across your stack so you can bring teams together and negotiate better deals.

Consolidation opportunities,
laid out for you

How many project management apps are you paying for? Spot tools with similar use cases to get stakeholders on the same page and reduce unnecessary spend.

Get alerted to price changes

Be the first to know when a vendor changes prices and by how much – so you can dig in and re-evaluate the investment.

Unused seats and tools
can’t hide

Is the team using that expensive tool you paid for last year? Cledara does the digging for you and shows you which tools aren’t being used so you know there's an ROI.

“Just in the process of setting up Cledara, we’ve reduced our software spend by over 10% because we have caught a lot of subscriptions that did the same thing and we don’t need anymore.”

Charlie Maynard, Financial Controller

“We’ve been able to cancel 10% of our software applications just thanks to Cledara flagging for duplicates.”

Demet Durmuscelebi, Group Financial Controller

“Cledara gives me the visibility and transparency on software I need and ensures me that we’re not wasting money on replicated software.”

Edward Lucas, Senior Finance Manager

“Cledara Engage immediately captured 15% more subscriptions we hadn't heard of and automatically linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner.

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

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