Buy the software your team needs,
when they need it

Use data to assess new tools, and ensure every subscription you pay for delivers results.

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Control every aspect of your software purchasing and renewals

Manage software subscriptions from the day you purchase a tool to the
day you cancel it—and every plan change in between.

Get the data to choose the best tools

All the information you need to choose high ROI tools for your tech stack, at your fingertips.

Flow chart showing the comparison between software tools
  • See suggestions for alternative tools
  • Be alerted to overlap with existing tools
  • See compliance certifications of vendors
  • Route approvals to stakeholders
Flow chart showing the comparison between software tools

Streamline payments

Surprise charges? A thing of the past. Use a payment process designed for software subscriptions.

  • Issue a unique card for each tool you approve
  • Set limits to prevent overcharges and increases
  • Block charges for a specific tool in a click

Delegate the accounting admin to Cledara

Cledara puts software accounting on autopilot, so you can focus on procuring the right tools and negotiating the best deals.

An invoice being synced to Xero
  • Automatic invoice capture and matching
  • Reconciliation to your accounting software
  • Integration with Quickbooks, Xero and Netsuite
An invoice being synced to XeroAn invoice being synced to Xero

Renew with confidence

Everything you need to make smarter decisions on software renewals.

Get renewal reminders at the perfect time

See usage data, budgets and contracts for every tool

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Be the first to know when a vendor has changed prices

“We now know when contracts are ending, and can actively contact vendors to renegotiate before they charge us. We use Cledara’s insights to help negotiate and explore other options.”

Nathan Humphreys, Finance Manager

“Our teams collaborate better now because they have responsibility for their software and approvals are 100% streamlined.”

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

“Less of my time is now spent managing software, so I can focus on other things. I really do like the fact that Cledara centralizes everything in one place.”

Edward Lucas, Senior Finance Manager

“Cledara has made life a lot easier. It’s given an overview of what software we have and who is using it. It’s also allowed me to quickly implement software with a streamlined procurement process.”

Peter Fallowfield, IT Manager

“Cledara Engage immediately captured 15% more subscriptions we hadn't heard of and automatically linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner.

Jenny Liu, Head of Finance

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