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What we do (and why we do it)

Cledara helps teams understand, manage and control the software subscriptions they use to grow their business. This helps them run smoother, scale operational processes, comply with regulations and – yes – save money too.

Our customers love Cledara because we help them manage the chaos of out of control software subscriptions and let them stay focused on their business, their customers and their success.

This inspires our team to serve our customers to the fullest because we see the impact that our software has on their success. It’s that simple!

"Fron an Operations perspective, Cledara is a great place to work"
"Our founders' values of openness and honesty are shared across the team"

Elizabeth Bliss
Head of Finance

"Fron an Operations perspective, Cledara is a great place to work"
"Connecting, learning and growing with the Cledara team has been the highlight of my career so far"

Rob Glickman

"Fron an Operations perspective, Cledara is a great place to work"
"There are teams and ✨TEAMS✨, and I'm happy to claim that Cledara is the latter, a truly outstanding and caring one"

Gerard Masnou
Customer Happiness Lead

Our values

Our values come from the kind of business our founders always wanted to work for. Today they guide the way we work every day, as well as the people we bring into the team.

Be curious

We are changing the world with the support of a brilliant team, amazing customers and a great network. We take time to be curious – to ask questions, learn and share.

Total transparency

Whether things are good or bad, we honestly share information so that we can all share this incredible journey.


Positive communication breeds collaboration. We’re considerate, calm and clear. When things don't go to plan, assume the best and try to understand why.

Respect everyone

We love our customers, team and the investors that back us. So, we listen, take timelines seriously and follow things through. Our actions matter.


By the standards of the rest of the world, we overtrust. We are okay with that.

Life at Cledara

The Cledara team on the road
Viktor volunteering
The team out on a hike.
The Cledara team at the top of a mountain

The passion, energy and commitment of every single person on the Cledara team is what makes us unique. We believe that everyday at Cledara we are writing the chapter of the most engaging moments of our career. 

We have growing teams in London and Barcelona and will soon be opening an office in the US - exciting!

The Cledara Team outside
The Cledara team "working"
The Cledara team "working"

If you want to learn more about what's waiting for you at Cledara, read Pablo's reflections here!

Open Roles

Join us on our mission to help companies discover, buy, manage and cancel SaaS better.

We appreciate your time and commit that we will review and respond to each and every application in a timely way. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We respectfully ask that agencies refrain from contacting us as we do not accept unsolicited CVs from third parties.
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