All your software in one place. Finally.

See 100% of your software. Track usage and save on renewals with an intuitive, easy to use SaaS Management platform.

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Here's why over 1,000 customers trust Cledara

Reduction in SaaS costs
Hours saved every month
Cashback on SaaS

See all your subscriptions in one place

Always know what’s happening with software real-time: all your applications, costs, usage and more.

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    Real-time SaaS spend analytics and forecasts

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    SaaS usage breakdowns

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    Renewals reminders

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SaaS Purchasing System

Buy your software with confidence

Get the visibility, control and peace of mind that you deserve - without slowing your team down.

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    Lightweight approval flows

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    Use a unique card for each subscription

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    One-click cancellation

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Say goodbye to chasing invoices

Free yourself from repetitive SaaS admin and make time for the things that matter.

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    Automated invoice capture

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    Reconciliation and bookkeeping

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Cledara gives you the control you need before things get out of hand.
Laura Beales
Founder @ Tally Workspace
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Cledara has given us a better oversight of all of our subscription costs.
Jenny Liu
Director of Finance @ Napo
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The thing I like the most about Cledara is that it is very clean and easy to use.
Ed Barrett
Finance @ Butternut Box
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Cledara does everything you need and it pays for itself. It’s awesome.
Adam Paxton
VP of Operations @ Carbon
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Jenny Liu
Head of Finance @ Napo