Cledara vs. Pleo

Looking for a better alternative to Pleo?

Cledara is the only All-in-One SaaS spend management platform built specifically to manage SaaS subscriptions.  Unlike Pleo, our virtual cards are accepted virtually everywhere, we help you instill processes and behaviors across teams and we scale cost effectively to help you manage your SaaS.

The Cledara dashboard

How are we different from Pleo?

Here's a side-by-side comparison
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  • Natively built for SaaS spend management
  • Built-in approval process for software purchases
  • No FX or extra fees per seat
  • Virtual debit cards, accepted everywhere
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  • Not designed for SaaS spend management
  • No real control on software purchases
  • 2% FX fees and an extra fee of £10 per seat
"We've doubled our company headcount in the time we've been with Cledara, but we haven't had to grow the size of our finance team. All thanks to Cledara."
Grace Wildsmith
Management Accountant @ Unmind
"At Paid, if somebody wants to get something done or do something new, no one has to come to me for permission or authorisation. We just have it set in Cledara and people can get on with it."
Tom Howsam
Founder @
"Tech startups are great at signing up to a million SaaS platforms, so no one knows what they signed up for. Cledara is great. It stops that, integrates to Xero - and it helps me scale."

Brad Channer
CFO @ RotoVR
"With Cledara we can set a spending limit on each individual software subscription and stop a subscription easily, giving me peace of mind that we will never be overcharged. There has been no change to our accounts reconciliation process when we implemented Cledara and everything just worked!"
Takashi Lawson
Global Director of Finance & IT @ Project Access
"Cledara is definitely the most powerful tool that we use. What I like the most is the security that Cledara provides to payments."
Alena Tokareva
CFO @ YouScan
"For me the control is key. Oftentimes trying to stop subscriptions has been a nightmare. The fact that you are able to disable your card by yourself in one click is amazing.I also like the fact the team has the access and flexibility to manage their own SaaS subscriptions."
Sadie McBlain
Financial Controller @ Railsbank
"From a financial perspective, Cledara is a no-brainer. Cledara is super useful because it brings it all in one place and helps you track it all."
Xavier Sansó
Founding Partner @ Metrix Partners

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