How Impala Studios saved $10K in Software Expenses with Cledara

We sat down with Jaco Bosman, Head of Technology at Impala Studios, to learn how software management fits into their day-to-day operations.

Jaco Bosman, Head of Technology @ Impala Studios
App Development
Haarlem, the Netherlands
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Impala Studios is a global app development studio that creates, publishes, and maintains its own mobile applications to make people’s everyday life easier. They’re based in the Netherlands with a team of over 70 employees.

Jaco Bosman is the Head of Technology at Impala studios who ensures that all things tech run smoothly – whether it’s the software powering the company, or the hardware used by employees.

Facing a growing number of software tools and subscriptions, Jaco turned to Cledara as a solution for Impala Studios’ software management challenges. 

“Not only do we have to pay for and manage our own SaaS stack, but our apps also rely on third-party SaaS tools that are often paid on subscription – that’s why we needed a software management solution.”

$10,000 savings on software subscriptions

The difficulty for Impala Studios lay in the fact that they did not have a standardized process for software management, turning their software landscape into a bit of a puzzle. Instead of a clear overview, each department was responsible for keeping its software stack organized – resulting in information silos.

“For us in management, it was difficult to get a full picture of the tools used across the company, their respective owners, and the costs associated with all of this software.”

How Cledara helped

With the dashboard view in Cledara, Jaco and his team now know exactly what’s going on with software, who’s got access to what, and how much they’re spending on their software stack.That’s how they discovered waste on software spending to the tune of $10,000.

“The moment Cledara gave us a complete overview of our tools and their costs, it turned out we were overspending by $10,000 because of duplicate software and extra seats we didn’t use. That was a real shocker. I’m very thankful Cledara helped us spot that.”

One place to store all software-related information

The more software companies use, the more invoices, contracts, and users need to be managed – something Jaco was well aware of.

“The process wasn’t straightforward when there was an issue with software or if we needed to gather information about a software contract.”

How Cledara helped

Now, Jaco’s team has a single source of truth where they can easily find all the software-related information they need on each tool to run day-to-day operations.

“We really like the notes and attachments section. It allows us to have one source of truth when it comes to our software subscriptions, ownership details, and important contract information.”

A savings of 12 hours a week

A software management tool like Cledara doesn’t just impact a company’s bottom line, it simplifies workflows and automates a lot of tasks that would previously have to be carried out by the finance department. 

Chasing employees for invoices and tracking down payment information is a tedious task that shouldn’t be commonplace anymore.

According to Jaco:

“invoicing became a bit of a nightmare because our financial controller had to spend much of his time locating and matching invoices.”

How Cledara helped

Today, Cledara captures software invoices automatically, matches them to the correct transaction, and does the accounting reconciliation on behalf of Jaco’s financial controller.

“On a weekly basis, Cledara’s invoice matching and notifications save our financial controller about 12 hours of work.”

Jaco’s Highlight: A clean software overview by teams

Jaco is a fan of the newly released teams page where he can see all the tools used by each team and a breakdown of software spend by departments. Plus, it helps him understand exactly what needs to be done when onboarding and offboarding users from their software stack.

“From a system administrator’s point of view, the team's page is a really cool feature because it allows you to stay on top of onboarding and offboarding requirements.”

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