Why Jampp Moved From a Spend Management Tool to Cledara

We spoke with Max Sosa, Finance Analyst at Jampp, on why they chose Cledara to help them manage their software like pros.

Max Sosa
San Francisco, United States
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Acquired by Affle in 2021, Jampp is a programmatic advertising platform that enables app-based businesses to drive growth with predictive algorithms.

As an analyst on Jampp’s finance team, Max is responsible for a wide range of processes, among which is the oversight of the company software subscriptions – including associated invoices and credit card statements.

“As a high-tech company we use a lot of software tools, and it’s difficult for us in finance to pinpoint exactly how many are used regularly across the company and paid for on a subscription basis.”

Software management in Google sheets

To create a bit of structure, Max and the team at Jampp turned to Google Sheets as a way to keep track of their software tools and related expenses. This is very common in early-stage companies and serves as a quick fix for software management.

However, using a spreadsheet to manage software subscriptions proves cumbersome pretty quickly. Like any manual process, a spreadsheet is constantly out of date, needs constant updating, and lacks any automation or predictive features for team-wide visibility and control.

“I wasn’t aware that a software management tool like Cledara existed, which is why we relied on Google Sheets.”

How Cledara helped

Since switching to Cledara, Max and the team have improved the efficiency with which they manage software subscriptions and the related administrative work.

Rather than a spreadsheet, Jampp now sees all of their software tools in Cledara, with a real-time view of all tools, owners, which virtual credit card paid for it, and related invoices per expense. All in one place. 

“All of our subscriptions are easily viewable with the last subscription payment date and invoices get automatically attached to the right software tools.”

A necessary addition to our spend management tool

It’s not just about keeping track of software subscriptions. The way software is paid for impacts an organization’s entire workflow. If you’re paying for all your software on one or two cards or turning to your expense management tool to pay for software, you’re losing out.

On the one hand, using a couple of cards to pay for all software is both a security and continuity risk, while relying on a spend management tool means a lack of granular detail and proper forecasting of software expenses.

“Before Cledara, we were using one or two cards on our spend management app to pay for all software. This didn't allow us to properly track software spend, nor were we able to easily cancel subscriptions.”

How Cledara helped

With Cledara’s tokenized virtual cards, Max and the team are now able to spin up a virtual card for each software subscription. This translates to a reduced risk of overspending on software and ensures that a potential failed payment doesn’t affect the availability of multiple software tools.

One card for every subscription. Max also uses Cledara to break down spend and usage by teams or departments and takes software spend forecasts into account for financial planning.

“Other than valuable time savings, Cledara allows us to save money on software spend. That was a great selling point for our team.”

Automated invoice matching is a lifesaver

Even for the most advanced companies, routine tasks are a significant productivity drag. This is especially true when it comes to closing the books at month-end. Chasing team members, let alone execs, for invoices is an unwelcome task for any finance team.

“It’s interesting that as a tech-savvy company, we didn’t have an efficient way to collect invoices.”

How Cledara helped

It wasn’t just Max, but also others on the finance team responsible for bank reconciliation that spent way too much time every month chasing invoices or parsing through expenses to close the books.

Cledara’s simple dashboard overview of all software tools and expenses, along with automatic invoice matching makes for a much quicker process at the end of the month.

“My colleagues responsible for bank reconciliation have a much easier time now that our software-related transactions are easy to find in Cledara.”

Max’s highlight: A beautiful and intuitive user experience

Nowadays we all have access to the latest and greatest software apps – both as professionals and as consumers. With all of this exposure, it’s amazing to be able to enjoy the same high-end user experience with business tools, and not be saddled with a dated legacy software experience. For Max, Cledara’s user experience was another key reason he chose Cledara.

“I find Cledara’s user interface to be beautiful and easy to use. Everything is nicely organized and intuitive.”

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