Cledara Engage

Get a whole new level of visibility across all your SaaS applications

See all the software that's actually being used - or not used - across your business. And take the guesswork out of your concerns on Informal SaaS.

Software visibility

See all apps and users

Wondering what software is being used right now by your teams? Cledara Engage lets you see all software subscriptions used company-wide, no matter where it sits.

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Spot duplicates instantly

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See who your power users are

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Understand access habits by team member

Informal SaaS

Hunt Informal SaaS down in a click

Software is better when you see it. Detect all Informal SaaS company-wide and take actions right away.

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See all unapproved software in one place

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Discover new software that should be part of your approved stack

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Action buttons to manage it right away

Data privacy

A browser extension built just for SaaS

Cledara Engage is built only for SaaS applications and filters browser data to match known SaaS providers from our curated list, available in our Marketplace.

Here's how it works

Step 1
The Cledara Engage Chrome extension receives data in your local device and filters by our list of SaaS providers

Step 2
If there is a match, Cledara only receives the name of the matched application, a timestamp and the Cledara user name. All other data stays on your device

Step 3
Detected subscriptions are cross-referenced with the ones in your Cledara account

Step 4
When a subscription does not match any in your Cledara account, we display this in the "Informal SaaS" tab

Nathan Humphreys, Finance Manager @ Jiminny

Cledara immediately captured 15% more subscriptions we hadn't heard of and automatically linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner, understand the costs, and reach out to the provider to renegotiate.

Ed is typing...

Cledara really brought the visibility we needed to our software stack.

Alena is typing...

What I like the most is the visibility that Cledara gives us of all our software subscriptions.

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Jenny Liu
Director of Finance @ Napo