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Control every aspect of your software

Software is one of your top three expenses and most companies share cards to pay for tools, track everything on spreadsheets, play catch-up on renewals, and overspend on unused seats and tools.

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Ongoing Value

Value beyond savings

Savings are important, but only one piece of the puzzle. We help every customer save on software while also giving you real-time visibility, comprehensive reports and automation of your workflows and admin.

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Complete Visibility

Have visibility over everything

Visibility is everything. See every tool, whether you know about it or not. See costs and budgets, users and usage, contracts and compliance and everything else in one place so you can effectively manage your software.

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Bring together Finance and IT

Making the right decisions on software take collaboration. What does Finance know about Github? Cledara makes every purchase and every renewal easy to handle with stakeholders.

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Software Payments

Payments that give control

Say goodbye to unexpected charges and price changes, avoid disruptions from lost or stolen cards and cancel in a click. With payments designed for software, you’re back in control.

“Thanks to Cledara we have visibility over renewals and we can actively contact vendors to renegotiate before they charge us. We use Cledara’s insights to assess usage, ROI and explore other options.”

Nathan Humphreys, Finance Manager

“We were using Spendesk but it wasn’t great because we couldn’t see who owned each subscription or who was using it and it could only track some of our software spend. Cledara changed how we managed software and made life a lot easier.”

Peter Fallowfield, IT Manager

“Before Cledara, we were using one or two cards on our spend management app to pay for all software. This didn't allow us to properly track software spend, nor were we able to easily cancel subscriptions.”

Max Sosa, Senior Finance Analyst

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