Native Integrations

Connect Cledara with your accounting system

Leverage our native integrations to streamline your books each month 


Capture and reconcile all your software invoices automatically

Connect Cledara to Gmail to automatically capture software invoices you’ve paid with Cledara and match them to their corresponding transaction.

Microsoft 365

Automate the capture and reconciliation of your software invoices seamlessly

Integrate Cledara with Microsoft 365 to effortlessly capture software invoices paid through Cledara and associate them with the corresponding transactions.


Let your bookkeeping for software run on autopilot

Push all the information you need to Xero in real-time and reconcile it automatically in your Xero account. Including your transactions feed, bank feed and invoices.


Say goodbye to manual entries, finally

Connect Cledara to your QuickBooks Online account and push transactions and invoices automatically. You can also import your bank feed for easy reconciliation.


Log into Cledara using Okta

Sign in to Cledara using Okta's Single Sign On to streamline your user experience while ensuring high-grade security.

Cledara gives you the control you need before things get out of hand.
Laura Beales
Founder @ Tally Market
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Cledara has given us a better oversight of all of our subscription costs.
Jenny Liu
Director of Finance @ Napo
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The thing I like the most about Cledara is that it is very clean and easy to use.
Ed Barrett
Finance @ Butternut Box
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Cledara does everything you need and it pays for itself. It’s awesome.
Adam Paxton
VP of Operations @ Carbon
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Jenny Liu
Director of Finance @ Napo