Cledara for Saas Spend Management

Companies waste $80 million every day on SaaS

That money is going on unwanted, forgotten and duplicate SaaS. One startup's inactive user is another startup's wasted money.

Cledara's SaaS management platform puts you back in control of your SaaS spend. With Cledara your team can buy, track, manage and cancel your SaaS stack. See all your team's SaaS on one screen, request a unique virtual card to buy something new and upload your invoice so that the accounts are easy to reconcile at the end of the month.

And if you're finished using something, stop paying for it today by cancelling the card.

Tired of sharing your main corporate card with everyone? Tired of being asked to buy something for someone? Empower the team to DIY.


Cledara is the simplest way to manage purchasing across your organisation


Perfect for small teams
Up to 30 Users
Up to 100 Subscriptions
1 Purchase Approver
Export to Xero
One-Click Cancellation
Vendor Management
Analytics and Insights
Email support


For your first 30 users
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For growing teams and power purchasers
Everything in the Bronze Plan, PLUS:
Up to 500 Users
Unlimited Subscriptions
Up to 20 Purchase Approvers
Full Xero Integration (Coming Soon)
Full BambooHR / CharlieHR Integration (Soon)


/  month
Per user
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For large companies
Everything in the Silver Plan, PLUS:
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Subscriptions
Unlimited Approvers
Email, Live Chat and Phone Support


Contact us for custom plans for large companies
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