“We were using a spend management platform but it wasn’t great because we couldn’t see who owned each subscription or who was using it. Cledara changed  how we managed software and made life a lot easier.”

Peter Fallowfield, Solidatus

“I love having the ability to give control to other department leads. It empowers them and takes so much off our plate. I know it’s secure and we can still control the spend.”

Medina Mammadova, Seatfrog

“Cledara immediately surfaced 15% more subscriptions we hadn't heard of and automatically linked them to our account so that I could look for the owner, understand the costs, and reach out to the provider to renegotiate.”

Nathan Humphreys, Jiminny

How Cledara helps

Now you can have full control over your biggest expenses

Spend management tools like Moss are great for daily expenses, but they only manage a small percent of your spending and don't have the tools you need to control spend across Software, Cloud and Advertising.

See where you’re overspending and painlessly reduce spend

Cledara highlights opportunities to reduce spend on tools with low usage, and overlapping features.

The free platform with cashback included

With a full featured free plan, no FX fees and cashback on your Software, Cloud, and Ad spend you'll find Cledara
pays for itself.

How Cledara compliments Moss

FX fees
No FX Fees
Cledara does not charge any additional conversion fees. Any payment made with a Cledara card in a foreign currency will be converted at the Mastercard/Visa rate with no markup.
Usually not available
1%  for EEA and UK
2% in the US
Virtual cards
Pay for your software with individual virtual cards.
Software payment tools
Set spending limits for each tool and remove payment.
Automate finance tasks
Buying, accounting and invoice capture.
Software approval flows
Avoid surprises and duplicate purchases.
Software usage
See how much software apps are being used (or not), and by whom.
Software spend visibility
Get alerted to price changes, review unused seats, spot duplicates and overlaps on your stack.
Software budgeting
Foresee how much software will cost you per team, and over time.
Software compliance
Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to gather the information required for ISO27001 and SOC2.
Informal SaaS
Bring unauthorized tools under your radar.
Onboarding and offboarding
Connects to your HR system to let you know who to onboard and offboard and when to do so.

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What is Cledara?

Cledara is a platform for finance teams that gives visibility of your organisations software stack, provides data and insights to cut excess spend, and streamlines software-related admin. 

Now you have a detailed view of your software spending, you can see which tools are being used and where you could cut spend, painlessly. 

We don’t stop at savings, managing purchases and renewals is easy with simple workflows for requesting and approving new tools.

Finally, with payments for software built-in you have controls to ensure application owners can manage payments while you keep control with spend limits and budgets. We’ll even capture the invoices automatically, match them to payments, and sync with Xero and Quickbooks. 

Software is one of your biggest expenses, now you have the tools to reduce that expense by 30% and save 20 hours a month on admin. 

What is SaaS management and how do I know if I need it?

SaaS management is the process of managing the software tools and expenses in a company. 

It’s a relatively new term, born out of the rise of SaaS solutions. With new tools emerging daily and tech stacks growing out of control, companies are now seeing software as their second highest expense behind payroll and it comes with significant administrative overheads for Finance and IT teams managing the purchasing, payments and access. 

The goal of SaaS management is to bring this back under control by providing the tools to reduce spend, manage the purchasing and approvals and empower IT to manage access, compliance and shadow IT.

Why do companies choose Cledara?

Cledara helps finance teams get full visibility over their stack, cut excess spend and streamline software-related admin.

Here’s why companies choose Cledara:

  • Save costs on software: Get alerted to under utilized tools and seats, catch duplicate tools and features and get alerted to every change in price.
  • Automate the admin: Capture invoices automatically, reconcile against payments and sync to Xero and Quickbooks
  • Buy and renew with confidence: Set up smart approval flows to evaluate new applications and renewals, to make sure every cent is spent right.
  • Payments built for software: Now you have controls to ensure application owners can securely manage payments while you keep control with spend limits and budgets.

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