Rewards Program

Europe's first card rewards program built just for software

Earn points on most things you pay for with Cledara and redeem those points for cash. There's no limit on what you can earn with Cledara Rewards.

On software subscriptions

Earn double reward points on the software subscriptions you use to run your business, including Intercom, Segment, Heroku and more.

On almost everything else

Earn points on just about everything else you buy with Cledara cards, including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

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An average company's software subscriptions earns the equivalent of £6,800 worth of points each year.
Brad van Leeuwen, COO Cledara

Rewards built for SaaS

Make Cledara the way you buy and manage your software subscriptions and earn points across all the most common categories of startup spend. Redeem points on spend in these categories and more for cash.

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Business Productivity

Office 365, GSuite, Superhuman, Notion and more.

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Cloud Hosting

Run out of free hosting credits? Reduce your cloud bill by collection reward points on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean and more.

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Collaboration Tools

Collect reward points when paying for Slack,, Asana, Airtable, Basecamp, Confluence or any other collaboration tool.

Icon business deals


Cash back rewards on Pipedrive, Streak, Close, Salesforce any most other popular cloud CRMs.

Icon programming browser

Developer Tools

Github, Gitlab, Docker, CircleCI, Datadog, Postman and more.

Icon user network


Upwork, Fiverr, 99Designs, Toptal and more.

Icon performance increase

Marketing Tools

Hubspot, Mailchimp, Segment, Buffer, SendinBlue, AdRoll, Marketo, Pardot,, Segment and more.

Icon advertising

Online Advertising

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Reddit Ads and more.

Icon browser

Page Builders

Webflow, Instapage, LeadPages, Unbounce, Squarespace, Wix and more.

Icon chat


Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Livechat, Drift and more.

Icon travel


Whether you're booking a flight, an Airbnb or calling an Uber, you will earn reward points for your startup.

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...and much more

We offer rewards for many more categories of a startup's spend than we can list here. If you think we've missed something important, please let us know.

Cledara Rewards add up

Cledara Rewards has been created by analysing actual startup spend and creating rewards for what startups actually use.

Startups using Cledara can earn unlimited reward points. An average company's software subscriptions earns the equivalent of £6,800 worth of points each year, or much more if they use Cledara to manage their cloud hosting and online advertising budgets too.

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”Great service that makes the life of our small company a lot easier. Most helpful and efficient support”
Robert Knoss
CFO, Desolenator B.V.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of rewards points that I can earn?
There's no limit to the number of reward points that you can earn, save or redeem with Cledara Rewards.
How are rewards points calculated?
Reward points are calculated based on the amount spent and the rewards multiplier. To calculate the expected reward, multiply the spend by the rewards multiplier. For example, a £1,000 spend in a 1x spend category will earn 1,000 points. Points earned on any individual transaction are rounded down to the nearest whole number of points. Points relating to transactions that are subsequently reversed, refunded or subject to a chargeback claim will be removed.
How do I redeem points for cash?
Certain categories of Premium Users can check the number of points earned by logging in to Cledara, going to the Settings page and clicking the 'My Rewards' Tab.

Points may be redeemed for cash in the currency of the original spend. Points are redeemable 30 days after the original purchase. 1 point is worth £0.01 or €0.01, depending of the currency of your Cledara Account.
I've received a referral code that includes a cash bonus. How do I qualify for it?
The cash bonus is subject to migrating your company's software subscriptions to Cledara. To qualify, you must migrate a minimum of 10 software subscriptions to Cledara and make a minimum of 3 payments for each in the first 3 months of being a Cledara customer. The reward is also subject to reaching a minimum spend threshold of £15,000 or €15,000 in the first 3 months. Non-software spend contributes towards the minimum spend requirements. The cash bonus will be paid if you satisfy the requirements of the reward as described above at the conclusion of the 3 month period.

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