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ISO27001 and EBA Outsourcing Guidelines Compliance
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Cledara is the world’s only fully integrated risk management solution that helps companies that use cloud software meet and monitor the obligations of their Information Security Management System.

We make Information Security Management for SaaS easy

Cledara embeds the key steps required by the EBA's Outsourcing Guidelines and ISO27001 into your company’s regular SaaS purchasing and management process, so that you can ensure that all software purchases have followed the correct procedure before and after purchase, are properly documented and stored, without slowing down the business.

We streamline the evaluation and monitoring of all your SaaS suppliers to ensure they have suitable security measures in place in order to keep corporate, client and user data secure, as well ensure that you can keep running your business should they encounter any sort of business continuity event.

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Supplier Security Questionnaire
Risk Assessment, including GDPR
Embedded approval process prior to SaaS purchase
Real Time Cloud Software Asset Register
Supplier Security Questionnaire

Software purchasing and compliance connected

By integrating software purchasing with software compliance, we ensure that software compliance happens naturally within the company’s normal buying process, rather than managed by disconnected or manual systems and processes.

By bringing purchasing and compliance together, we embed compliance requirements into the approval process which enables teams to comply easily, rather than simply detecting breaches after they happen. Making compliance easy reduces the risk of breaches and prevents a long breach register.

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Cloud software compliance that teams love.

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