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Scale quicker with smart SaaS management

Arm your teams with the SaaS subscriptions they need to drive growth, but give your finance team oversight, control and more time to help you assess the bigger picture.

The Hidden Costs of SaaS Subscriptions

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Empower your people

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Get new recruits up to speed faster and encourage collaboration by giving all your employees one place to see and access the software you already have.

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Missing that all important tool? Empower your teams to request and buy the SaaS they need to thrive in their jobs.

Take SaaS admin off your plate

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SaaS powers your company, but the logistics and admin to keep it in check slows you down.

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With Cledara, you’ll never share your purchase card across the company again, search for missing invoices or wonder how subscription growth may get out of hand.

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Scale with your company with all the admin off your plate.

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Free your finance team

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Free your finance team from wasted hours spent herding SaaS subscriptions and invoices.

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Cledara gives them more time to help you see the bigger picture by automating manual SaaS admin and providing a single source of truth for your software.

Keep your burn rate in check

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Make easy savings by quickly finding and eliminating duplicate or wasted SaaS expenses.

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Earn 2% cashback on all your software subscriptions, plus 1% on almost everything else you buy with a Cledara card.

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Cledara slows your burn rate and returns cash straight to the bottom line. Nice.

Ed Barrett, Finance @ Butternut Box

Communication between teams has improved a lot. Back in the day, it was difficult to communicate with the teams that were using the subscriptions, getting the invoices from them or trying to understand what they were using even in the first place.

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We've doubled our company headcount in the time we've been with Cledara, but we haven't had to grow the size of our finance team. All thanks to Cledara.

Jenny is typing...

We now have the same control I had back in the day when everything was purely organic.

Cledara gives you the control you need before things get out of hand.
Laura Beales
Founder @ Tally Market
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Cledara has given us a better oversight of all of our subscription costs.
Jenny Liu
Director of Finance @ Napo
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The thing I like the most about Cledara is that it is very clean and easy to use.
Ed Barrett
Finance @ Butternut Box
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Cledara does everything you need and it pays for itself. It’s awesome.
Adam Paxton
VP of Operations @ Carbon
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Jenny Liu
Director of Finance @ Napo