Virtual Cards

Use Cledara's Virtual Cards  for a lot more than SaaS

Here is how some companies are using Cledara's Virtual Cards

SaaS Subscriptions

Bring all your SaaS subscriptions to one central place and control their full lifecycle.

Online Advertising

Set budgets for each campaign to stay in control of advertising spend.

Cloud Hosting

Pay for your Cloud Hosting and get 1% cashback on all of it. Just like that.

Agencies & Consultants

Create a different card for each client so you can claim and organise your external spend.

Remote teams

Empower everyone to buy what they need, no matter where they are.


Send virtual cards to your team so they can book their own trip and forget about pay and claim.

Gift cards

Share a virtual card with someone you'd like to thank, so they can buy something that makes them smile.


Use a dedicated card for each project to keep track of them all and have a clear view.

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Jenny Liu
Director of Finance @ Napo