Use cases

Cledara is for more than SaaS

Here is how some companies are using Cledara today


Tired of sharing your main corporate card with everyone? Tired of being asked to buy something for someone? Empower the team to DIY.


Ever been surprised at the cost of an advertising campaign? Set budgets for each campaign and channel to stay in control of advertising spend.


Ever wished you could track in real time how much the team was paying to attend conferences or close a strategic deal? Use a dedicated card for each project.


Want to make sure you don't miss the next drop? Create unlimited virtual cards and automate your purchasing.

Agencies & Consultants

Ever forget to claim something back from a client? Create a different card for each one so you can keep all your expenses organised by client.

Remote teams

People working from home? Teams in different locations? Create transparency over what SaaS you're using and empower everyone to buy what they need, no matter where they are.


Hiring a rockstar from another country? Want to bring them in for a final interview? Send them a virtual card so that they can book their own trip and forget about pay and claim.

Gift cards

Want to say thank you to someone in the team, a loyal customer, or a great supplier? Share a virtual card with them so they can buy something that makes them smile.