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February 1, 2023


G2 is an online platform that provides user-generated reviews and comparisons of software and services for businesses. It helps companies identify valuable software with real user feedback, ratings, and insights. This enables businesses to make informed decisions about the best tools and solutions for their specific needs.

To help us continue improving, we would be grateful if you could leave a review on G2. The reviews are valuable because they come from real users like you!

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  1. Let G2 know how much you love Cledara 😍:
  1. Next, let G2 know how Cledara does in each of the categories 🌟:
  1. Then let G2 know your experience with Cledara 📝:

  1. Let G2 know about the company you work for 🏢. G2 reviews are trusted because they come from real users at real companies like yours:

6. Rate Cledara on product features 🔧:

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Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps other businesses make informed decisions. Your review will be published on G2 after their moderation process, which typically takes a few days. Thank you! 🙏

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