August 9, 2023

The 47 Hottest Startups in Germany: 2023 Edition

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Here's our pick of the hottest and most promising German startups in 2023.

Richard Gargan

With 83 million citizens and a GDP of about $4 trillion, Germany is the largest economy in Europe. It was named one of the most innovative countries worldwide by Bloomberg in 2021.

According to Dealroom, German startups received 28% more funding than expected in the first quarter of the year. Besides, Berlin is the third-largest startup hub in Europe. 

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Germany vs. Europe** 

In 2022, France surpassed Germany to become Europe's second-largest tech ecosystem, and as of now, Germany is still trailing behind. Nevertheless, Germany may be able to regain its second-place position. Early in 2023, Germany surged ahead in terms of public funding, introducing a €1 billion deep-tech and climate tech fund (DTCF), competing with France's €500 million commitment to deep-tech startups.

Moreover, Germany is currently leading the charts for the top 20 biggest funding rounds in Europe this year, securing six of them. The UK follows with four rounds and France with three. These developments suggest that Germany is making significant strides and could regain its position in the European tech landscape.

The German Funding Landscape**

In the first half of 2023, an impressive number of startups were founded in Germany. According to the German Startup Association (DSV), approximately 1,300 new startups were established during this period, showing a 16% increase compared to 2022. 

Startup registrations were especially high in:

  • Berlin, with a 40% increase and 262 new startups
  • Hamburg, with ca. 40% increase and 90 new startups 
  • Munich, with a 2% increase and 95 new startups

Most venture capital funding is flowing into early-stage startups, as later-stage funding opportunities remain limited across Europe. Dealroom reports that (so far) in 2023:

  • 284 pre-Series A deals were recorded, with the average round standing at $900,000 
  • 63 Series A deals were recorded, with the average round standing at $8.4 million

Pre-series A and Series A together account for 87% of the total number of deals so far, and both have reached record highs.

Germany's Hottest Startup Sectors in 2023**

According to Dealroom, the clear winners in Q1 2023 include:

  • Energy, with $510 million in funding
  • Food, with $355 million in funding
  • Fintech, with $313 million in funding
  • Enterprise software, with $275 million in funding

This is the first time that the energy sector has been the highest-funded in Germany.

Moreover, the sharp increase in startup launches in Germany is a clear sign of post-pandemic recovery. There has been significant growth among startups in the following industries:

  • Tourism, with 111% growth
  • Mobility, with 30% growth
  • Grocery, with 28% growth
  • Software, with 23% growth

Top 47 German Startups** 

In this section, you’ll find this year's compilation of German startups worth keeping an eye on. They’ve been selected based on: 

  • Their market potential 
  • Their competitive advantage
  • Their total funding
  • The strength of their investors 

These companies have made a significant impact in 2022 and are projected to continue thriving throughout 2023. 

1. Razor Group

Based in Berlin, Razor acquires promising e-commerce companies and integrates them into their ecosystem to maximize their potential. Today, Razor is home to over 200 brands and has offices across Europe, Asia, and North America.  

Razor Group is on a mission to build the next-generation consumer goods powerhouse by growing local brands into global names. They want to make the best household brands available to people worldwide, exactly when they need them. 

The company raised €88M during its Series C funding round, and has secured €1B thus far.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Company size: 501-1000

Founders: Tushar Ahluwalia, Jonas Diezun, Christoph Felix Gamon, Oliver Dlugosch


Headquartered in Germany, FINN is a startup that offers monthly car subscription services in both Germany and the USA. Its core philosophy revolves around reducing CO2 emissions by renting cars instead of owning them. 

FINN was established in 2019 and has managed to attract a substantial customer base of over 20,000+ users. With a mission to foster sustainable and accessible mobility, the company secured €102.7 million in Series B funding in July 2023, adding to a grand total of €131.5 million raised thus far.

Location: Munich, Germany

Company size: 251-500

Founders: Andreas Wixler, Hans-Peter Ringer, Max-Josef Meier, Maximilian Wühr, Nikolai Schröder

3. PowerCo

PowerCo is a startup from the Volksvagen Group. Founded in 2022, its focus is the development of electric car batteries. PowerCo is responsible for VW's entire battery supply chain, from research and development of new technologies to raw material extraction and end-of-life recycling.

PowrCo will develop new business models by recycling and reusing the raw materials of discarded car batteries. In this way, the Group is creating future-proof structures for its rapidly growing battery business. 

PowerCo raised a total of $1.2 billion in funding. 

Location: Salzgitter, Niedersachsen, Germany

Company Size: 501-1000

Founders: Frank Blome

4. SellerX

SellerX is a leading aggregator of e-commerce businesses. The company buys Amazon-native brands and takes them to the next level. Generally, SellerX focuses on small businesses that have found success selling everyday staples such as household items, office supplies, and other essentials.

Founded in 2020, SellerX raised $500M in debt and equity financing in December 2021, and has secured $750M to date.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Company size: 501-1000

Founders: Malte Horeyseck, Philipp Triebel

5. Qontigo 

From risk management to return management, Qontigo specializes in modernizing investment management. Founded in 2019, it’s a B2B company committed to providing innovative risk, analytics, and index solutions. 

Additionally, Qontigo is part of the Deutsche Börse Group. The company is currently at the Series D stage and has raised €720M of total funding so far. 

Location: Eschborn, Germany

Company Size: 501-1000

Founders: Holger Wohlenberg and Joachim Weber

6. 1Komma5°

1Komma5° is an electricity company that provides free electricity to all electric vehicle owners. This remarkable offering is made possible by trading using GHG (Greenhouse Gas) quotas. Established in 2021 by a team of visionary entrepreneurs and industry experts, the company's ultimate goal is to make buildings holistically CO2-neutral, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. The company is named after the greenhouse emission limit of 1.5 °C and is considered a German unicorn.

Moreover, 1KOMMA5° actively collaborates with innovative craft enterprises specializing in photovoltaics, electricity storage, charging infrastructure, and heat pumps. This collaboration aims to support local craftsmanship. This startup has secured €430M in a Series B round, raising a total of €630M in just 23 months.

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Founders: Philipp Schröder

Company Size: 1000-5000

7. Heimkapital

Heimkapital is a real estate platform that allows homeowners to tap into their home equity for their financing needs. With Heimkapital, property owners can sell up to 50% of their house while still living in it. The startup facilitates the customer sales, becoming a silent partner, and in return, receives a monthly rent for the portion of the house sold.

This innovative approach provides homeowners with a flexible and convenient way to access funds while still enjoying the benefits of their property.

Founded in 2019, Heimkapital has raised €300M to date and is currently at Series A stage. 

Location: Munich, Germany

Company Size: 51 - 200

Founders: Mateo Sohler

8. Vivid Money 

VividMoney is a startup that combines banking and investing in a single app. Their goal is to make finances and investing simple and accessible to everyone. VividMoney offers high-interest savings accounts, split bills, multi-currency accounts (including crypto), spending reports, and more. 

Founded in 2020 and with a customer base of 500,000 users, Vivid raised €100M  during its series C funding round in February 2022. So far, this startup has received a total of €175M in funding.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Company size: 101-250

Founders: Alexander Emeshev, Artem Yamanov

9. Patient 21

Founded in Berlin, Patient 21 is a health-tech company that leverages data to help patients and doctors make better decisions. With the power of a network of experts, they strive to provide a holistic view of people’s health. 

This four-year-old German startup has raised €100M in a Series C round of funding led by Israeli VC firm Pitango. In total, Patient 21 has secured €170M.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Company Size: 501-1000

Founders: Nicolas Hantzsch

10. Jolt Energy

Founded in 2019, Jolt has set a mission to provide ultra-fast charging solutions for e-car owners in major cities across Europe and North America. 

Their promise is to quickly develop a network of urban fast-chargers, giving drivers the access they need to embrace e-mobility. 

The company achieved a milestone thanks to a financing round with InfraRed Capital Partners, securing €150M to further strengthen and expand its fast-charging infrastructure in 2023. 

Location: Munich, Germany 

Founders: Maurice Neligan

Company Size: 11- 51

11. Aleph Alpha

Aleph Alpha was founded in 2019 and is one of the most popular European IA companies. They have developed a model similar to Chat GPT, which promises much higher efficiency as it presents results at their level with slightly lower numbers. They are now developing new language models with more parameters. 

They recently secured an undisclosed amount during their Series A funding round in July 2023. Aleph Alpha has raised a total of €128.3M since its founding.

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Founders: Jonas Andrulis, Samuel Weinbach 

Company Size: 1-50

12. Worldcoin

This startup is a digital platform that uses iris scans to verify users' identities. The platform issues a unique WorldID based on the user's IrisCode, which is stored in a decentralized blockchain. Worldcoin strives to become the world's largest network for human identity and financial services. 

Although it has experienced steady growth and received significant investment, the company has also encountered criticism and controversy related to data collection and the centralization of the identification process.

In May 2023, Worldcoin raised $115M in a Series C round led by Blockchain Capital. The funds will be used to support its decentralized World ID and recently launched wallet: World App. In total, the company has secured $240M since it was founded in 2019. 

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Sam Altman and Alex Blania

Company Size: 51-200

13. Pitch

Founded in 2018, Pitch is a collaborative presentation tool that allows teams to work via a shared workspace and create eye-catching decks. Users can assign tasks, comment on each other's tasks, hold video calls, and get real-time engagement analytics. 

This tool combines the best elements of consumer software – accessibility and good design – with the power of business software. 

In May 2021, Pitch raised €77.3M in Series B funding, and so far it has collected a total of €124M. 

Location: Berlin, Germany

Company Size: 51-200

Founders: Adam Renklint, Charlette Prévot, Christian Reber, Eric Labod, Jan Martin, Marvin Labod, Misha Karpenko and Vanessa Stock

14. Sanity Group

Founded in 2018, Sanity Group is a cannabis company based in Berlin committed to using cannabinoids for medical and health purposes. The startup develops and distributes innovative, cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and wellness products to patients and customers all over Europe.

In September 2022, Sanity Group raised the largest EU cannabis funding round with $37.6M and is currently in stage Series B. It has raised a total of $119.7M 

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Finn Hänsel and Fabian Friede

Company Size: 51-200

15. Wandelbots

Wandelbots is a robotics startup founded in 2017. The company developed Tracepen in 2020, the world’s first ‘no code’ handheld device that lets non-programmers teach robots to perform industrial tasks. 

Today, the company is focused on introducing the WandelbotsPlatform for developers. With this platform, generic software developers can program robots. It’s an open and collaborative environment where they can find libraries, software development kits, documentation, and more. 

Wandelbots’ goal is to simplify robotics and minimize project lead times. In January 2022, the company raised €76.4M in Series C funding, and so far it has collected a total of €111M. 

Location: Dresden, Germany

Company Size: 51-200

Founders: Christian Piechnick, Christoph Biering, Frank Fitzek, Georg Puschel, Giang Nguyen, Jan Falkenberg, Maria Piechnick and Sebastian Werner

16. Everdrop

Launched in 2020, Everdrop allows people to avoid or just reuse their plastic household cleaning bottles. The company developed a range of cleaning products aimed at minimizing the use of plastics and other resources. Their products range from soluble detergent tablets to reusable spray bottles for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. The company currently sells its products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and the Netherlands and is an example of a circular economy. 

In July 2022, Everdrop closed an €80M Series B funding round in equity and venture debt, led by Sofina, Lombard Odier, and TriplePoint Capital. To date, the company has raised a total of €98M.

Location: Munich, Germany

Company Size: 51-200

Founders: David Löwe

17. Getsafe

Founded in 2015, Getsafe is an Insurtech company that has made a mark in the insurance industry. The company offers an innovative insurance app that lets users file claims and adjust their coverage instantly thanks to smart bots and automation. What sets Getsafe apart from traditional insurers is its ability to bypass bureaucracy, providing a seamless user experience.

GetSafe offers insurance services in Germany, Austria, France, and the UK, targeting both local and expat millennials. The company's revenue has grown by 500% in 2022, and it currently has a customer base of 400,000 users. 

GetSafe secured €57.3M during its Series B funding round in October 2021, contributing to a total funding collection of €109.5M thus far.

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Company Size: 201-500

Founders: Christian Wiens, Marius Simon

18. Avi Medical

Founded in 2020, Avi Medical is a healthcare startup that simplifies medical services for both doctors and patients. With the Avi Medical App, users can easily manage their doctor’s appointments, clarify concerns (e.g., prescription requests), receive findings, and even get treatment with a video appointment.

Plus, the organization also offers primary health care clinics throughout Germany. On the other hand, Avi Medical's doctors benefit from significantly reducing administrative work, leaving them more time to focus on medical treatment.

In June 2022, the startup secured €50M in a series B round and has raised a total of €88.5M to date.

Location: Munich, Germany

Founders: Julian Kley and Vlad Lata

Company Size: 51-100

19. Stryze Group

Stryze Group is a company focused on the development, acquisition, and expansion of D2C brands. Their primary mission is to identify thriving businesses, acquire them, and implement a strategic branding approach to maximize their growth potential. The company launches these brands on popular platforms like Instagram and Amazon to reach a broader audience. Plus, they have operations in Europe, the United States, and China.

Since its founding in 2020, The Stryze Group has raised a total of $100M.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Sebastian Funke, Marc Hartman, and Sasha Krause

Company Size: 50-200

20. Emergence Therapeutics

Emergence Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical startup. This organization is focused on creating innovative ADC immunotherapies to address critical unmet needs in cancer treatment. In addition, they are developing first- and best-in-class ADCs based on therapeutic demand.

In December 2021, Emergence Therapeutics secured €87M during its Series A funding round. Kurma Partners led the seed funding round for the Company and acted as the company's originator and incubator investor. Pontifax Venture Capital led the subsequent series A funding round. Further investors and partners include RA Capital Management, OrbiMed Advisors, and Eurazeo, among others.

Location: Duisburg, Germany

Founders: Jack Elands and Xavier Preville

Company Size: 2-10

21. Resolve BioSciences

Founded in 2020, Resolve BioSciences aims to provide scientists with the highest-resolution view of single-cell spatial biology. Their platform offers full spatial context at subcellular resolution, all in a workflow that preserves the sample tissue. It offers unparalleled sensitivity and specificity, enabling scientists to detect individual transcripts and rare signals. This capability empowers researchers to delve into fundamental biology and gain rapid insights into complex biological inquiries in critical fields.

Resolve BioSciences has secured $71M in Series B funding. The round took place in October 2022 and it was led by Patient Square Capital, and included participation from EDBI, PS Capital, Alafi Capital, and NRW.BANK, as well as other investors. So far, the company has raised a total of $95M. 

Location: Monheim am Rhein, Germany

Founders:  Peer M. Schatz

Company Size: 50-200

22. Workmotion

WorkMotion is a Berlin-based startup offering a cutting-edge global HR platform. This platform enables companies to effortlessly hire and onboard employees from anywhere in the world. With Workmotion, organizations can effortlessly recruit candidates, handle payroll, and manage remote employees while staying 100% compliant with taxes, payroll, and social benefits. 

Workmotion was founded in 2020 to meet the urgent needs of the Covid-19 pandemic and address the talent shortages in Europe. In June 2023, the company raised €50M in its series B funding round, contributing to a total of €76M.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Company size: 101-250

Founders: Carsten Lebtig, Felix Steffens and Karim Zaghloul

23. Taxdoo

Since its founding in 2016, Taxdoo has attracted significant attention for helping European and UK e-commerce companies to: 

  • Calculate VAT (sales tax) accurately
  • Ensure compliance with accounting requirements

With its robust API suite, the company has gained the trust of over 1,700 marketplaces, online merchants, and enterprises. 

Taxdoo received €58.2M in Series B funding in December 2021, contributing to a total of €75.8M

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Company Size: 51-200

Founders: Christian Königsheim, Matthias Allmendinger, and Roger Gothmann

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24. Dance

Dance is an electric mobility subscription company. Their subscribers can easily get an electric bike or emoped. The company also offers on-demand repair services and theft insurance for vehicles. Dance has operations in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, and Paris.

In February, this startup raised €12M in additional equity and debt capital. The equity raise was led by existing investors HV Capital, Eurazeo, and BlueYard. Dance has secured a total of €67.5M since its founding in 2020.

Location: Berlin

Founders: Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, Alexander Ljung and Christian Springub

Company Size: 51-100

25. NUMA Group 

Numa is a real estate start-up founded in 2019. Its main goal is to provide digital solutions for a seamless guest experience while minimizing operational costs. They lead the process from booking and room allocation to housekeeping. The Numa Group is currently present in nine European countries and manages more than 3,000 units. As part of its value proposition, Numa focuses on popular city areas and neighborhoods and offers “central stays.”

NUMA Group has secured a total of €64.4 million in funding over four rounds. Their latest funding was raised in 2022.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Christian Gaiser and Dimitri Chandogin

Company Size: 51-200

26. Gunzilla Games

Gunzilla Games is a game development startup founded in 2020. Dedicated to innovation and breaking down technological boundaries, they build deeply engaging next-generation experiences. Their latest project is Off The Grid (OTG), a cyberpunk Battle Royale 2.0. The game will feature "in-game trading", where players can buy new in-game items from other players, some of these items include characters, custom weapons, and more. Gunzillla’s studios are located in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, and Kyiv.

The game development startup raised $46M in 2022 and has collected a total funding amount of $70.8M. 

Location: Frankfurt, Germany 

Company Size: 51-200

Founders: Vlad Korolev

37. Twaice

Founded in 2018, Twaice is a battery software platform company committed to creating a more sustainable world. By leveraging the power of AI and profound battery expertise, the company offers predictive analytics to assess a battery’s present condition and forecast its aging performance. Twaice's mission is to promote environmental sustainability and reduce uncertainties regarding battery states. Thus, mobility and energy leaders can make data-driven decisions and contribute to a greener future.

Twaice received €30M in additional series B funding in April 2022, and has collected €65M to date.

Location: Munich, Germany

Company Size: 51-200

Founders: Michael Baumann and Stephan Rohr

28. Schüttflix

Established in 2018, Schüttflix is a digital and logistics platform for construction materials. Providing its services in Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic, the platform serves as a connection between suppliers and carriers. The company takes pride in its accomplishments, boasting an impressive eight-digit sales volume and successfully delivering over 1 million tons of materials.

In September 2021, Schüttflix secured €45.5 million in Series A funding, contributing to a total of €55.8 million.

Location: Gütersloh, Germany

Company Size: 51-200

Founders: Christian Hülsewig, Thomas Hagedorn

29. The Exploration Company

Founded in 2021, The Exploration Company is a German spacecraft manufacturer. Their mission is to make space exploration affordable, sustainable, and open. To do so, the company develops, manufactures, and operates the Nyx space capsule. 

The company raised €40M in a Series A round in 2023, and so far has secured a total of €52M. 

Location: Munich, Germany

Founders: Heléne Huby

Company Size: 11-50

30. Hive 

Founded in 2020, Hive provides D2C brands with innovative technology to automate e-commerce operations. The company handles every step of the process from start to finish, including inventory, packing, shipping, and returns. Plus, Hive’s system easily integrates with existing e-commerce stores. 

Hive secured €34M during its Series A funding round and has raised a total of €43.8M.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Company size: 101-250

Founders: Oskar Ziegler, Franz Purucker and Leo von Kleist

31. Sunvigo

Founded in 2020, Sunvigo specializes in designing, building, and operating residential solar systems. Their services include battery storage, e-vehicle charging, and a green grid power plan. 

Sunvigo’s mission is to make solar energy services more accessible by eliminating the need for individuals to register as energy generators and bypassing fiscal, legal, and bureaucratic barriers.

In April, the company raised €20M in its Series C funding round, led by Future Energy Ventures and Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund. In total, the company has raised €38M.

Location: Köln, Germany

Founders: Michael Peters, Bastian Bauwens and Vigen Nicogosian

Company Size: 51-200

32. Gitpod 

Founded in 2019, GitPod offers an open-source developer platform. It’s designed to automate and streamline the creation of cloud development environments. Their goal is to enable developers to be always ready-to-code and to make software engineering more collaborative, joyful, and secure.

With over 1M users, Gitpod raised €25.5M during its series A funding round in November 2022, adding to total funding of €41M.

Location: Kiel, Germany

Company size: 51-100

Founders: Tom-Preston Werner, Johannes Landgraf, Jan Köhnlein, Sven Efftinge

33. Kadmos

Kadmos is a payroll platform. Founded in 2021, this startup enables secure payments to international employees across the globe. Kadmos provides companies with a simple, low-cost, and secure method for international salary transfers. With this app, every worker receives a digital wallet as well as a connected debit card. 

In July 2022, Kadmos raised €29M in a Series A funding round. So far, the company has secured a total of €36M.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Justus Schmueser and Sasha Makarovych 

Company Size: 11-50

34. Jina AI

With its neural search technology, Jina AI helps users find information within their unstructured data (including videos and images). The startup’s mission is to go beyond traditional keyword-based search tools by leveraging deep learning neural networks. Incorporating relatively new machine learning technologies, such as transfer learning and representation learning, the company's core Jina framework empowers developers to effortlessly build custom search tools.

Since its founding in 2020, Jina AI has raised $38M from top investors, including GGV, Cannan, YUNQI, 

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Han Xiao, Bing He and Nan Wang

Company Size: 51-200

35. Constellr

Constellr offers a platform that measures vegetation, soil health, and industrial monitoring. Founded in 2019, Constellr uses satellites in space to monitor fields and provide a better understanding of changing conditions in agriculture and industry. They provide space-based water, carbon, and temperature insights to enable more equitable and sustainable global resource management.

In July, Constellr secured €17M in seed funding. The company has raised a €33.5M thus far.

Location: Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg

Founders: Max Gulde

Company Size: 51-200

36. Y42

Founded in 2020, Y42 is an end-to-end data platform built fot analytics engineers. The startup aims to replace the various tools they use today to integrate, transform, orchestrate, and visualize data. 

Y42 has raised $31M in a Series A funding round co-led by Atomico and Insight Partners. With this round of funding, the company has raised just under $34M to date.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Hung Dang

Company Size: 51-200

37. Luca 

Luca is a Stuttgart-based startup that provides an ultimate solution to the gastronomic industry. The company developed a comprehensive app that allows guests to make reservations, find new cafes and restaurants, order food, and pay without waiting for the check. Consequently, caterers are now able to digitize existing processes and streamline them like never before.

Luca raised $33M in April 2022 in its first seeding round, and their user-base is expanding more and more.

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Company size: 51-100

Founders: Patrick Hennig and Phillip Berger

38. OroraTech 

Founded in 2018, OroraTech is dedicated to addressing the climate crisis. The company harnesses the power of infrared thermal data intelligence derived from its specially developed cameras. This cutting-edge technology enables advanced tracking and monitoring of the increasingly prevalent wildfires occurring worldwide. 

The effectiveness of OroraTech's technology and business model has garnered significant investor interest. The company successfully raised a €15M during its Series A funding round in November 2022, securing a total of €22.4 million.

Location: Munich, Germany

Company size: 51-100

Founders: Björn Stoffers, Florian Mauracher, Rupert Amann, and Thomas Grübler

39. Receeve 

Receeve is a fully customizable, all-in-one platform for debt collection and recovery. Using data, automating processes, engaging customers, and implementing insights, they simplify debt resolution for companies, agents, and customers at risk.

Receeve maximizes recovery and minimizes risk across every stage of credit management - from pre-delinquency to portfolio assignment or sale. The company has secured $4.52M during its seed funding round in January 2022. The company has raised a total of €18M so far. 

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Company size: 11-50

Founders: Paul Jozefak and Michael Backes

40. Knowunity

Founded in Sindelfingen, Knowunity is an EdTech startup with a vision to establish a global platform that offers high-quality school education. On their learning platform, students can create, edit, and verify content on every school subject. It's like TikTok, but for schoolwork.

Over 8 million users have registered on Knowunity's platform in five countries. The company recently raised €9M during its series A funding in February, and has secured a total of €19M thus far.

Location: Sindelfingen, Baden-Württemberg
Company size: 51-100

Founders: Lucas Hild, Benedict Kurz, Gregor Weber and Julian Prigl

41. Enter

Enter's mission is to simplify the design, energy assessments, permitting, and cost evaluation of smaller construction projects. The startup aims to make sustainable and personalized architecture accessible to everyone. To achieve this, Enter offers an online building application service that leverages digital processes and efficient team structures. 

Since its founding in 2020, the company has raised over €10M in venture capital funding.

Location: Berlin, Germany 

Founders: Justus Menten and Max Schroeren

Company Size: 51-200

42. DeepDrive

DeepDrive is a high-tech company offering drive units for electric vehicles. Using their patented DeepDrive Dual Rotor technology, vehicles can increase their range by up to 20% while reducing their costs. Designed for low-cost, large-scale production, DeepDrive's drive units can be integrated into wheels or used as a central drive system. Moreover, the company is currently working with eight of the top ten automakers and plans to introduce the DeepDrive Dual Rotor to the market in 2026. 

DeepDrive secured €15M in its Series A funding round in March 2023, bringing the total raised to €19.3M.

Location: Munich, Germany

Founders: Alexander Rosen, Felix Poernbacher, Stefan Ender and Christopher Rommelmayer

Company Size: 51-200

43. Scantinel Photonics 

Founded in 2019, Scantinel Photonics is a German startup dedicated to making autonomous vehicles safe. By using their technology, vehicles receive a 3D view of their surroundings. 

In November 2022, the company raised €10M during its Series A funding. This round led to the startup receiving a total of €17.5M of funding to date.

Location: Ulm, Germany

Founders: Andy Zott, Frank Hoeller and Vladimir Davydenko

Company Size: 11-50

44. Unstoppable Finance

Unstoppable Finance is a crypto wallet that serves as a centralized hub for tokenized assets, Web3, digital identification, and more. Their "DeFi copilot" feature curates and selects the best from DeFi, freeing users from handling intricate details. Founded in 2021, the startup’s goal is to democratize and simplify access to DeFi.

Unstoppable Finance Raised €12.5M in a series A round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, including participation from Rockaway Blockchain Fund and Fabric Ventures. So far, the company has secured €17M.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Peter Grosskopf, Maximilian von Wallenberg and Omid Aladini

Company Size: 11-50

45. Getquin 

Established in 2020, Getquin runs a social media network specially designed for investors and aimed at encouraging more transparent investing. Network members can consolidate their current investments in one place, where they can then communicate with other investors who share their interests. Getquin’s mission is to provide a cordial and instructive environment for investors.

Getquin raised $15M from eight investors during its Series A funding round in June 2022.

Location: Hoppegarten, Brandenburg, Germany

Founders: Christian Rokitta and Raphael Steil

Size: 51-100

46. Ostrom

Founded in 2020, Ostrom is an energy management platform that makes green electricity affordable and straightforward for households in Germany and Europe. Ostrom aims to make renewable energy more accessible to the average consumer through its energy management platform. 

With energy prices increasing in Europe, this platform helps track usage and provides insights on how to bring that figure down, save money, and protect the environment. 

In December 2022, Ostrom successfully secured $14.7M from seven investors during its Series A funding round.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Karl Villanueva and Matthias Martensen

Company Size: 11-50

47. Kombo 

Established in 2022, Kombo allows software companies to integrate any tool. Mainly, they provide integrations with payroll, HRIS, ATS, and assessment solutions. 

With a Seed Funding Round in November 2022, Kombo has quickly raised investment to scale and grow its operations. The German startup raised $2.7M from five investors.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founders: Alexander Kubel, Niklas Higi, Aike Hillbrands and Fabian Rothfuß

Company Size: 11-50

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Scaling companies must remain competitive in the current business environment. If you want to attract investors, you must show that your business is profitable and that all of its operations are fully optimized.

SaaS tools are a great ally to streamline processes and maximize productivity. But they’re not a silver bullet. Today, software is the second-most significant expense for any business. Thus, managing your software effectively is a crucial step to securing the health of your business and your next funding round.

The good news? You can set this on autopilot with the right SaaS management platform, here’s where Cledara steps in. Cledara is the only SaaS management platform that allows you to:

  • Get a centralized view of all your SaaS subscriptions
  • Identify how much use and value each tool is bringing
  • Streamline seat management
  • Avoid shadow IT
  • Set an approval workflow for software purchases
  • Easily identify redundant apps and unsubscribe with one click
  • Manage your software invoices and reconcile them automatically

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Take control of your SaaS with Cledara

The software management tool that automates your expenses.

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The software management solution for finance teams.

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Richard Gargan

Richard is Cledara's in-house Content Lead. With a background in finance, he is responsible for the analysis of SaaS data to provide readers with insightful and informative analysis to help you optimize your software spend.

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