SaaSOps is the new IT

IT Professionals always have to be at the forefront of technology. This time, technology isn't just changing the business, it's changing the job.
SaaSOps is the new IT

In this blog post, we explain why SaaSOps is gaining popularity among IT professionals at such a rapid pace. And we want to make clear that this is not only for startups.

SaaS apps helped keep millions of businesses productive during the beginning of the remote era. And not just that. People have also realised that SaaS boosts productivity and proves to be cheaper than traditional software. So it is likely that teams adapt to SaaS for good. According to recent research, it’s expected that by 2025, 85% of businesses will be SaaS-based.

But, whilst this migration to the cloud is amazing for business, IT professionals have a massive challenge. Because for them, their job is being reinvented. And it looks like it is one of those times when you can talk about: “adapt or die”.

Because, for IT, it is the era of SaaSOps.

IT professionals changing their job titles to SaaSOps

“Adapt or die” is what happened to retail when e-commerce gained popularity or to marketing when online advertising changed the world. The foundation of these industries were shaken and had to adapt. Those who adapted the fastest thrived and grew. No need to talk about those who didn’t.

And we could sense this change coming several years ago when people started changing their job titles to “digital marketing specialist” or “e-commerce manager”, which is what reigns today. It might seem silly, but it proved to be an indicator. Our guess is that it’s going to be the same with “SaaSOps infrastructure engineer” or “Director of SaaSOps.” It’s just a matter of time.

If you don’t believe it, a very recent survey to more than 650 IT professionals confirms it. Because 30% of these IT pros claimed to already have incorporated the term into their job title or were planning to do so.

So the question is, if you are in IT, what are you waiting for?

Everyone is affected by SaaSOps

If you are not an IT professional and you are wondering whether SaaSOps affects you or not, it probably does. But let’s take a look.

Software migration to SaaS brings several challenges for IT, but also for the rest of the business. Let us explain.

Every employee is affected by SaaS because they use it every day. But some teams are more impacted by these changes than others. One such teamis the compliance team. Mainly because of two regulations: GDPR and the new EBA Outsourcing Guidelines. The compliance team needs to ensure tools used by the company meet the requirements of the regulation and that data is safely stored and managed. And today, data lives in SaaS apps. Apps that, if IT fails to track, can cause massive compliance and legal problems for the business.

And this is not all.If IT doesn’t know what  SaaS the company is using, it can cause collateral damage to the finance team. Mainly because of two things. First of all, because software is usually the third biggest spend on tech companies’ expense lists and finance needs to know where money is being allocated and why. That is one of their jobs. And secondly, because it can drive accountants crazy. Because every month, subscription invoices are all over the place and accountants need to chase every one of them.


Today, we can assure you that SaaSOps is going to be very big in IT. And, if you are an IT professional, you should definitely take a look at it, if you haven’t already.

But the story doesn’t end there. Because an IT team that fails to deliver a good SaaSOps infrastructure can impact negatively on the rest of the business. And vice versa: good SaaSOps will let finance and compliance do their job faster and effectively. And let your business thrive.

The good news is that you can easily get your SaaS Operations in place with a strong SaaSOps solution.

Or you can still run your business the old and clumsy way.

The choice is yours.

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