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What is Zopto?

Zopto is a LinkedIn lead generation tool.

Zopto Pricing

$140 per month

What Cledara customers are paying on average for all seats and users.

What is Zopto?

Zopto is a LinkedIn lead generation tool.

Zopto Pricing

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Cledara customers receive

2% Cashback

on Zopto

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Zopto is the leading, cloud-based LinkedIn lead generation tool that allows users to both bypass LinkedIn’s weekly invite limits and safely mimics human behavior.

With unlimited support from a team of real people, Zopto helps boost your LinkedIn productivity and strategy, opening the door for many multi-touch opportunities.

Key features include:

- Enhanced AI and automation

- Email enrichment

- Hubspot, Salesforce, and Facebook integrations

- Additional social touchpoints

- Actionable analytics

- Maximum data security

Zopto also allows for multi-user profiles at the agency level, enabling team collaboration on lead gen. Visit www.zopto.com to book a demo and get started.

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