Companies That Manage SaaS Accelerate Teams

We share why it is a good idea to manage your software assets in your company and how it can accelerate teams.
Companies That Manage SaaS Accelerate Teams

It is definitely not easy, and we know it. But this post might surprise you because managing you cloud software is probably more important than you thought.

Managing a team is a constant challenge, don’t complicate it unnecessarily

Companies are people, essentially, We can all agree on that one. And that is why team chemistry is key. Nobody likes to work in a team that doesn’t communicate and mates don’t get along. And in the end, P&L is also affected. In other words, nobody wins.

Hence the importance of the figure of the team manager. It is simply splendid to work in a team with good management, in which communication is fluid. Life is much easier, simpler, and in the end, more productive.

But team managers often face severe challenges that impede them from achieving that desired chemistry among team members. This is fatal, because it is oftentimes not the fault of the manager, but rather of the tools at his or her disposal.

Cloud software is a common challenge. Think about it. You use it on a daily basis, and everyday, you have more tools at your disposal. We communicate with software. We communicate between our teams, with our customers, with our data… all through software. So, it is critical that we choose the same channel for these daily interactions.

And this is not only about using the same CRM, but it is also about the whole team easily knowing what software is at their disposal at a click, and about automating the onboarding and offboarding process for new products. Teams need to be able to communicate fast and efficiently. Running around asking for permissions to onboard an email marketing tool does not make sense in 2020.

Team manager: get yourself an easy to use software management tool for your team members. Because remember: communication is king!

Fintech Startups and Banks: “get your cloud software in order”, Regulators say

SaaS management has gone from a cool tool to a must-have for banks and regulated fintech startups.

By 31 December 2021, almost every financial institution in the UK and Europe will have to comply with the new Outsourcing Guidelines passed by the European Banking Authority. This means that most regulated fintech companies will have to introduce risk management and compliance processes to manage the SaaS they use and many other things they outsource by next year.

The good news is that if you already used Cledara to manage your SaaS products, you don’t need to worry about this bit. Because we have already launched a simple-to-use compliance tool to meet the regulator requirements.

In a time when cash is king, there is no room for wasting money

We cannot deny that keeping track of cloud software budgets should be on every finance team’s priority list. Especially during the pandemic when managing cash flow is more important than ever.

“According to Gartner, unused, duplicate and forgotten SaaS is a growing problem in businesses, with up to 30% of software spend wasted”

According to Gartner, unused, duplicate and forgotten SaaS is a growing problem in businesses, with up to 30% of software spend wasted. That is a big number when thinking about the opportunity cost and all those exciting projects that your team could not pursue due to a lack of budget.

But what is more striking about this situation, is how simple it is for your company to subscribe to a strong SaaS management tool that would avoid you those unnecessary costs. So, if you are into finance, take a moment to consider it!

SaaS management should be about enabling good behaviour, not just detecting bad ones

It is true that effective SaaS management detects excessive spend or unnecessary duplicates and helps teams be successful users of SaaS. And that is very valuable for the business. But that is not the core of it and it is not the greatest value that a SaaS management tool can bring to your company.

SaaS apps empower your teams like never before. Teams are more powerful than ever because thanks to these apps teams are able to do more with less. SaaS tools are beneficial for everybody in your company, even to the most junior interns. So let’s put them at their disposal. And that is exactly what a software management tool like Cledara does. That is why looking at it as a positive investment for empowering teams is the right way to go.


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