November 4, 2020

How Can I Reduce My SaaS Spend Today?


Spend 30 seconds to see how much you can reduce your SaaS spend by switching to Cledara

According to recent research, it’s expected that by 2025, 85% of businesses will be SaaS-based. Which means that SaaS spend will become a bigger expense every year. This has many implications, but we want to focus on a very particular one, affecting finance teams all around the globe.

If you are into finance, you need to worry about this. Because software has changed and the way it is traditionally managed needs to change too. Software is no longer purchased in licenses but rather on subscriptions, literally software-as-a-service. And this brings massive challenges. From security to procurement to expenses. In this post we will focus on the expenses.

If you still use spreadsheets to manage your software, don’t worry, you are in the right place. And you are about to discover a whole new world. And if you already knew about software asset management tools, you are in the right place too.

Good news is: you can save a lot of money on SaaS with smart SaaS management!

Actually, we have built an online calculator which will let you know exactly how much your company can save by using a SaaS spend management tool.

And how is that number calculated?

Easy, just fill in the numbers and our math will do the work!

And how can a tool like Cledara save my company on software?

That is a good question. Because this is due to a combination that you will not find elsewhere. Our customers can reduce their software spend thanks to two splendid features. The first is our unique rewards program, which will earn you cash back for every software transaction you make in the platform. And the second reason is our FX fees policy, which is better than any bank.

If you want to know exactly how much you can save check it out NOW!

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This post was inspired by questions provided by people like you. We love receiving new and interesting questions that help us think about data in new ways.  If you found this post interesting and have other questions that you’d like us to help answer about software spend management, drop us a line at

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