Announcing Benchmarks & Copilot: Your AI-Powered Software Procurement Expert

Cledara is proud to introduce two transformative features: SaaS pricing benchmarks and the world’s first AI-powered SaaS Procurement Copilot. These innovative additions place expert software procurement capabilities into the hands of every team.

November 14, 2023


Why Benchmarks and Copilot?**

In the world of software, opaque pricing and vendor-dominated negotiations are commonplace. Cledara is changing this narrative by democratizing the procurement process, giving every team member the tools they need to make confident purchasing and renewal decisions. 

To enable fair pricing and better negotiations we assess your unique situation by comparing how much you’re spending compared to others, how much the tool is being used, and alternative tools to consider. 

The AI-powered copilot then uses this information to support you through the negotiation process with pre-populated renewal emails and tracking of the renewal process.

What Makes Benchmarks and Copilot So Powerful?**

Everyone is empowered: According to research by Cledara, 65% of all SaaS is bought directly by business users without the involvement of IT, finance, or procurement. Now anyone in your organization can negotiate with the skill of a seasoned SaaS procurement veteran.

Data-Driven Insights for Fair Pricing: By analyzing Cledara's extensive data set, comprising over 250,000 SaaS purchases and renewals from H1 2023 alone, the copilot determines fair pricing for SaaS subscriptions. This enables businesses to make informed decisions and negotiate better deals.

Streamlining Renewals: Our Copilot proactively identifies key negotiation points and drafts emails for renegotiations based on AI-predicted renewal dates, streamlining your processes.

Your Benchmarks and Copilot Overview**

Benchmarks: Your Pricing Insight Partner

Benchmarks provide a clear view of your SaaS spending compared to others. This transparency ensures you're paying a fair price and equips you with the data needed for effective negotiations.

Copilot: Your Negotiation Assistant

Copilot is your ally in the negotiation process. From renewal reminders to pre-filled email templates, it streamlines your interactions with vendors, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Advanced Benchmarks: Coming Soon

We're not stopping here. Our upcoming release will enable you to compare your spend and cost per seat with similar companies, to give you the most actionable data for negotiations.

FAQs for Benchmarks and Negotiation Copilot**

What sets Cledara’s Negotiation Copilot apart?

We empower you to negotiate with confidence. Unlike other platforms offering costly negotiation services, our tools equip you to take charge of negotiations, supported by Cledara’s comprehensive SaaS management platform and AI.

How will Benchmarks + Copilot improve my procurement process?

They bring transparency to pricing, streamline negotiations, and optimize renewals and spending, making the procurement process smooth and efficient.

Are these features user-friendly for non-procurement professionals?

Absolutely. Designed for intuitive use, they are accessible to all business users, ensuring ease of use regardless of procurement experience.

How do I get started with Benchmarks + Copilot?

Book a call with our team, or if you’re already a customer, contact our Customer Success Team for a personalized walkthrough.

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