November 28, 2023

Announcing Onboarding, Your control center for software access

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Cledara's Software Management platform just got a major upgrade. With Onboarding, now you can manage access to every tool, streamline workflows, and improve compliance—all from one central platform. No more fragmented systems, manual processes, or visibility gaps.

Why Onboarding?**

At Cledara, we’re on a mission to simplify every aspect of your relationship with software. From discovery, to buying, managing and cancellation, Cledara addresses every step of managing your software and now includes onboarding and offboarding.

Managing the onboarding and offboarding of employees to your software stack is challenging. Fragmented systems, manual processes, and a lack of visibility into progress results in poor employee experience, time-consuming tasks and security risks. 

Today, we’re solving those challenges.

What makes Onboarding so powerful?**

Bring everyone together: Cledara's onboarding dashboard is the mission control for access. No more tracking spreadsheets and chasing updates across siloed systems. Now, IT, Ops, Team Leads, and Application Owners have full visibility into the onboarding process and can collaborate from one central platform.

Works with every tool: Break free from the limitations and high cost of conventional systems. Manage access to every tool in your stack, whether it was released on Product Hunt last week is an enterprise giant, Cledara has you covered.

Unmatched Offboarding: Employees can sign up for any number of tools during their tenure. Many of these will be approved tools, but many are informal SaaS (shadow IT). Traditional systems fall short here. But with Cledara, every tool is visible for a comprehensive and secure offboarding process.

Your Onboarding Overview**

Manage Access to Every Tool in One Place

The Onboarding access center gives everyone involved in managing access one central place to start onboarding, offboarding and keep track of progress. Now everyone is on the same page, tasks are completed on time and you’re reducing manual tasks while providing the best first impressions and a secure final process. 

Streamline Onboarding for Lasting First Impressions

Remember when onboarding meant siloed systems, and constant follow-ups? With Cledara’s onboarding workflows, those days are gone. Every tool owner knows precisely who they need to add and everyone can see the status in real time.

Secure Offboarding for a Safe Digital Exit

When employees leave, ensuring all access is revoked in a timely manner is crucial. Now you can be confident that access is removed from every tool exactly when it should be. Whether an employee used approved tools or signed up for unapproved tools, Cledara enables you to offboard them from every platform. 

Connect to the Truth with HR Integrations

Start onboarding or offboarding as soon as a change is made in your HR system, eliminating manual processes and potential errors. By tapping directly into your HR system you ensure that all data utilized in the onboarding or offboarding processes is accurate and up-to-date. Cledara connects to more than 30 of the leading HR tools including BambooHR, Hibob, Charlie, Personio, UKG, HR Partner, Humaans, Nmbrs and more.

Compliance Made Easy

Demonstrating compliance shouldn't be a hassle. You can view the history of access requests, approvals, and actions for every user. To stay on top of requirements, simply export your logs in PDF or CSV formats.

Onboarding FAQ**

What is Cledara’s new onboarding feature?

Cledara's new feature streamlines the process of granting or revoking access to SaaS tools for employees joining or leaving the company. It bridges the gap between basic methods and high-end automated systems, offering a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution.

How is this feature different from other SaaS management tools?

While other tools may offer automation, they often come with high costs and are constrained by limited integrations. Cledara's solution manages the onboarding and offboarding process without being dependent on specific integrations.

How does this feature empower IT, Ops, and Team Leads?

By simplifying and streamlining the onboarding and offboarding process, IT, Ops, and Team Leads can efficiently manage these workflows from one central location. It provides a standard process and full visibility for those involved. 

Can Cledara handle onboarding and offboarding for any SaaS tool?

Yes. One of Cledara’s strengths lies in its ability to help you with manage every tool. We’re not contingent on specific integrations, ensuring every software tool is serviced.

How does the pricing for the new feature work?

The core Onboarding and Offboarding features are available in Cledara’s Plus Package, while those seeking HR integration can find it in our Pro Package. 

How do I get started with Cledara's new onboarding and offboarding feature?

Book a call with our team or if you’re already a customer, you can find Onboarding in Cledara, and for help we have the Help Guides or reach out to our success manager for a personalized walkthrough.



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