Cledara Product Updates: August 2022

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Cledara Product Updates: August 2022

You asked, and we delivered! We’re excited to share another round of new features on Cledara. 

New this month:

  • Budget Thresholds for Approval Flows: Set triggers for your approval flows 
  • ‘Happy with us?’ page: A new way to share feedback and referrals 

Introducing Budget Thresholds for Approval Flows

Approval flows just got better. When requesting a new application in Cledara, now you customize approval flows based on a specific budget threshold.

For example, a higher-budget application can require dual approval, while lower-budget applications that are straightforward could require just a single approver. 

Budget Thresholds for Approval Flows

Now you can manage a complete approvals process within Cledara. 

Included in: all plans

For more details, read our help center article.

‘Happy with us?’ Page

Share your feedback and refer a friend to Cledara! When you log into Cledara, you’ll notice a new ‘Happy with us’ button in the bottom left corner.

‘Happy with us?’ button

Send us your feedback

We’re always curious to know about your experience with Cledara, and we encourage you to send us feedback. This helps us better understand your needs and constantly improve Cledara! 

Refer a friend

Love Cledara? Refer a friend! Simply share their email and first name, and we’ll invite them to learn more about Cledara. 

‘Are you happy with us?’ page in Cledara

Included in: all plans

Any questions? Contact

Feature Highlight: Cledara Engage

Here’s a pro-tip: Our engage feature helps you see all the software in use across your company.

See all software – both approved applications and the ones you didn’t know about – in one place. Engage helps you discover new software used at your company that should be part of your approved stack, as well as take action on any software usage that needs further review. 

Cledara Engage dashboard

Learn more about Cledara Engage here, or visit our help center.

Thank You!

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