December 16, 2019

The Ultimate List of the 125 Largest Tech Conferences in Europe in 2020


The largest tech conferences in Europe

Nikesh Ashar

Our marketing team went looking for a list of tech conferences in Europe in 2020 and didn't find one, so we made one.And then we shared it, so you don't have to make one too. Enjoy! Please share if you found it useful!

The list of tech conferences



Payment Conf
Arctic 15
Finnovate Europe
London Blockchain Week Kingdom13-Feb-2020
Mobile World Congresshttps://www.mwcbarcelona.comInternet TechnologyBarcelonaSpainCANCELLED


Global Insurtech Summit Kingdom2-Mar-2020
Industry: The Product Design Conference
MoneyLive Spring
Internet World Expo TechnologyMunichGermany10-Mar-2020
Global Regtech Summit Kingdom12-Mar-2020
AI & Big Data Expo Kingdom17-Mar-2020
Pay360 Kingdom17-Mar-2020
Technova: AI in Financial Services Kingdom17-Mar-2020
Business of Software Europe TechnologyCambridgeUnited Kingdom23-Mar-2020
Wolves Summit
CloudNativeCon Europe Netherlands30-Mar-2020
Paris Blockchain Week Summitpbwsummit.comBlockchainParisFrance31-Mar-2020
Rework London AI Finance Summit Kingdom31-Mar-2020


Efma Bank + Fintech
Seedstars Summit
JS Kongress Munich
Droidcon Turin
React Amsterdam Netherlands17-Apr-2020
Innovate Finance Global Summit Kingdom20-Apr-2020
Strata Data Conference DataLondonUnited Kingdom20-Apr-2020
Tradetech Europe
Dublin Tech Summithttp://dublintechsummit.comInternet TechnologyDublinIreland22-Apr-2020
App.js Conference
Kafka Summit 2020 Kingdom27-Apr-2020
Temenos Community Forum
VRX Summit Kingdom28-Apr-2020


Startup Ole
API Days Amsterdam Netherlands6-May-2020
ICT Spring TechnologyLuxembourgLuxembourg12-May-2020
Startup Grind Barcelonahttps://startupgrind.catStartupsBarcelonaSpain13-May-2020
Future:Proptech 13-May-2020
J on the beach
Rise of AIhttps://riseof.aiAIBerlinGermany13-May-2020
Mobile Growth Summit UK TechnologyLondonUnited Kingdom14-May-2020
Adobe Summit Kingdom15-May-2020
AltFI London Summit Kingdom18-May-2020
EBA Day HagueThe Netherlands19-May-2020
Fintech World Forum Kingdom21-May-2020
Future Human Inspirefest
Bucharest Tech Week
EU Startups Summit
Latitude 59
Login.ltLogin.ltInternet TechnologyVilniusLithuania28-May-2020
WeAreDevelopers World Congress
Landing Festival TechnologyLisbonPortugal29-May-2020


Upgrade 100 TransformationBucharestRomania1-Jun-2020
API Days Helsink
Mendix World Netherlands2-Jun-2020
JS Nation Netherlands3-Jun-2020
Noah Berlin
Think About
Startup Grind Europe Kingdom6-Jun-2020
London Tech Week TechnologyLondonUnited Kingdom8-Jun-2020
Money20/20 Europehttps://europe.money2020.comFintechAmsterdamThe Netherlands16-Jun-2020
SaaStr Europe ParisFrance17-Jun-2020
Sonar +Dnarplusd.comInternet TechnologyBarcelonaSpain17-Jun-2020
EdTechX Summit Kingdom18-Jun-2020
TNW Conference TechnologyAmsterdamThe Netherlands18-Jun-2020
Startup Extreme
Pirate Summit
Tech Open Air
The Europas Kingdom25-Jun-2020


RegTech Summit Kingdom1-Jul-2020
SHIFT TechnologyTurkuFinland26-Aug-2020
B2B Rocks ParisFrance8-Sep-2020
AI in Medicine Summit
Digital Procurement World Netherlands18-Sep-2020
NOAH Zurich
Big Data London DataLondonUnited Kingdom23-Sep-2020
DMExpo TechnologyCologneGermany23-Sep-2020
Lendit Europe Kingdom23-Sep-2020
Bits & Pretzels
Digital Transformation Expo TransformationLondonUnited Kingdom30-Sep-2020
Technology for Marketing Kingdom30-Sep-2020


Mind the Product Kingdom1-Oct-2020
OCP Regional Summit TechnologyPragueCzech Republic1-Oct-2020
PayExpo Kingdom6-Oct-2020
South Summitwww.southsummit.coStartupsMadridSpain6-Oct-2020
Festival of Kingdom7-Oct-2020
World Summit AI Netherlands7-Oct-2020
SuperNova TechnologyAntwerpBelgium8-Oct-2020
Onbrand Netherlands10-Oct-2020
SaaStockhttps://www.saastock.comSaaS DublinIreland12-Oct-2020
.Net DeveloperDays
Unleash World
Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress
Bloomreach Connect Amsterdam Netherlands29-Oct-2020
ReactiveConf Republic30-Oct-2020

November / December

Malta Blockchain Summit
Web Summit TechnologyLisbonPortugal2-Nov-2020
Event Tech Live Kingdom4-Nov-2020
NOAH London Kingdom4-Nov-2020
Tech Invest Europe
Start Call
Telco AI Summut Europe TransformationLondonUnited Kingdom10-Nov-2020
Fintech Talents Kingdom17-Nov-2020
Fintech and Insurtech Digital Congress
Fintech Connect Kingdom3-Dec-2020
Fintech Junction



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Nikesh Ashar

I currently look after Quality Assurance and IT at Cledara. Having built a robust QA process and now a team, we work with Product and Engineering to make sure that our software is robust and well tested.

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