Cledara joins the Life on Mars podcast

Cledara joins the Life on Mars podcast

“It only took us three months to develop and market our product, and then acquire our first customer”, states Brad van Leeuwen, Cledara’s COO and co-founder.

Since then, Cledara has not stopped growing and we continue to break records every day. Today, Cledara is well-positioned to become a “next-generation London-based SaaS unicorn”, affirms IT consultant firm zsah, and recently made it to the FinTech50 ranking, probably the most prestigious place to be for a European fintech startup.

But, how?

Álex Rodríguez, founder and CEO at MarsBased, an all-remote consultancy specialised in tech and web development, chats with Brad to find out how the Cledara team managed to successfully develop a product whilst multiplying its customer base 7x annually.

In addition, Alex and Brad will discuss how they see the SaaS world and how the pandemic has impacted the SaaS ecosystem. Enjoy!

Link to the podcast webpage here.

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