Cledara Product Updates: July 2022

Here’s a summary of our latest product updates. Enjoy!

July 13, 2022


Coming in HOT! Summer is here and so are Cledara’s latest product updates.

As a reminder, at Cledara we simplify how you manage your software so you can focus on the things that matter.

New this month:

  • Request Access: Manage software requests in one place
  • Google Single Sign-On: Invite your company to Cledara in a click 

Introducing Request Access

Manage software requests in one place

With Request Access, team members can now request access to the software they need within Cledara. All the info they need, right in front of them.

Request Access notifications

The best part? You get to say goodbye to all those “Can you give me access?” threads in Slack and email and start managing it all in one place. Less admin, more control and a better experience for both requesters and admins.

Included in: all plans

Any questions on the feature? Visit our help center.

Introducing Google Single Sign-On (SSO)

Invite your company to Cledara in a click 

We just made it much easier for your teammates to join you in Cledara. 

With Google Single Sign-On you can now invite all your peers to Cledara in a click. If you’re a Cledara admin and your company uses G-Suite, just log into Cledara and go to the Members page in Settings, click Add Member and press the Import from Google button. That’s it!

Plus, any user can now join and sign-in to Cledara with their work Google account. 

This makes life easier for Cledara admins as more people in your company will use Cledara to help them get the most out of the software they use and love. 

Included in: all plans

Any questions? Contact

Thank You!

Customers like you inspire these updates and improvements. If you have a suggestion, please drop us a line at!

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