Cledara Launches in the US!

The news is out: Cledara is officially live in the United States! Here’s our take on how we got here and what’s next!

March 7, 2022


Company milestones are a wonderful time for pause and reflection. We thought to take this opportunity to share context around our US launch, what it means for our customers and partners, and how we see it accelerating our singular focus on helping people in companies successfully use the software they depend on each day.

Let’s jump in. 

Europe is a great place to hone a B2B fintech

Cledara was founded in London with a unique approach: To combine software management capabilities with a payments platform which allows us the ability to understand how software enters a company, how often it’s used, at what price, and most importantly…how it relates to other software.

Three years in, we’ve built a fast-growing business serving 500+ customers across the complexities of 30 European countries and have learned how to adapt to local customer needs. With this experience, now is the perfect time to enter the United States - the largest software market in the world - with a unique, powerful software management offering - in a market saturated with b2b software.  

Software Success   

Software is the lifeblood of companies, irrespective of geography. While easy to try and buy, teams require more than just the perfect application for their immediate needs. They require software that will help them better collaborate, connect and integrate their work into the rhythm of their business - together. With the number of software applications growing each year, we firmly root our company vision on how people can use the right software, for the right time. 

It’s All About Value

There is no shortage of solutions that help growing companies manage their non-payroll spend, offering credit cards, spend controls, expense tracking etc. Many of our customers use and enjoy these spend management tools.

The opportunity we chose to focus on at Cledara relates to how people get the most from the software they bring into their business. Buying is the easy part. Managing and using apps successfully is where the rubber meets the road and deserves a dedicated approach. 

Context is Everything 

We believe company context is a crucial element in helping companies discover and use the right software. Indeed, choosing the right b2b software is hard, and the paradox of choice is real. An approach that considers the context (i.e. your current company size, growth rates, industry, or funding level) in which software is used by people in a company, helps drive better decisions. We built Cledara to connect and see and interpret these software purchasing and usage patterns across the companies that use our platform. 

Software and Company Culture 

We’re arguably experiencing the most fragile moment from a company culture perspective in our lifetime. Post pandemic, people and companies are just now surfacing for air, adjusting to a newfound awakening of the right balance between life and work. How software helps our ability to stay connected, productive, and engaged is a topic to which Cledara dedicates considerable thought.

We see these links between company culture and how people use software, and design for this in our approach. 

The Power of Fintech Done Right

Weaving payments in our software intelligence platform allows us access to unique insight as it relates to software purchases and usage across a company. 

Our approach not only provides unrivaled visibility and control to our customers but also allows us to understand the relationship companies have with software, as well as how these solutions work together. We see and interpret purchasing and usage trends across companies based on their stage, industry, and unique profile - and then aggregate it in useful ways for prospective buyers. 

The Right Partners Make a Difference

We have been fortunate to work with wonderful and supportive partners along the way. Our card issuing partner Mastercard, who selected Cledara for their start-up engagement program Mastercard Start Path last May, has provided us the technology, expertise, and resources to help us scale quickly. Our US partner Bond, with their embedded fintech solution, has helped us accelerate our US offering with their robust underlying technology and amazing operational support. 

Let’s Go!

With our singular focus on helping growing companies manage their software investments, we are solving a new and important problem that simply had not been addressed until now. 

Every Cledara employee is extremely excited about our US launch, and each has had a part in this new chapter. Our team is growing quickly as we are hiring across the board expanding both our European and US presence. 

We look forward to an amazing year of growth and insight - Join us!

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