Cledara’s Got a New Trick: Invoice Automation

Cledara’s Got a New Trick: Invoice Automation

Hello busy accountants, hello victims of the endless “I need an invoice for that”: we have got good news for you. We are going to make your life easier. Starting right now.

Chasing people for invoices can be exhausting. And, believe it or not, being chased is also not the most pleasant of all feelings. Yes, accountants, you are not the only ones that suffer the weight of the system on your shoulders.

SaaS invoice automation

Every SaaS product takes typically 15 minutes of admin a month. Figuring out who has which invoice, them finding it, reminding them to send it, reconciling it to the right payment and doing the bookkeeping is such a colossal waste of time. Especially that as soon as you've done it, next month rolls around and you've got to start it all again. And, considering that the average company uses more than 100 SaaS products, we thought it was about time to put an end to this nonsense.

Welcome invoice automation.

We would like to present our newest trick: automated invoice handling of all the SaaS products you use. Thanks to Cledara, all your SaaS invoices will not only be captured automatically, no matter whose inbox they’re sent to, but they will also be instantly reconciled to the correct transaction and available at a click. Save time, reduce risk and avoid internal chaos.

Why not get started today by registering for a 14 day free trial. The invoice tracker is only the tip of the iceberg.

SaaS invoices tracked automatically to your Xero

We didn’t want to stop with the invoice tracker. And that is why we have partnered with Xero to make your life even easier.

From now on, you will be able to automatically generate the accounting transactions for your SaaS in Xero and send the invoices as a reconciled, or unreconciled transaction. Your Xero will be connected to your Cledara account and your SaaS bookkeeping will be on autopilot. Magic, isn’t it?

SaaS is growing bigger, but the invoice pile is growing thicker

The recent market data sums it up very clearly: in 2018, companies spent an average of 78% more on SaaS products than they did the previous year.

And this is only pre-covid data. As a recent article in Sifted points out, B2B SaaS companies have reached record high stock prices during the pandemic, due to the transition to virtual offices and the higher demand for cloud computing solutions.

Source: Sifted

In other words, SaaS subscriptions are only going to increase. That is why we believe it is a priority to keep track of them from an end-to-end perspective. And the invoice tracker is only a tool more.

Find out more about Cledara’s benefits.

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