MarsBased Podcast: An Inside Look at Cledara's Seed Round

A deep dive behind the scenes of one of the largest UK Fintech seed deals of 2020
MarsBased Podcast: An Inside Look at Cledara's Seed Round

Tune in to this podcast between Cledara CEO and Founder Cristina Vila and MarsBased's Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit as they go behind the scenes of our recent seed round.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The process and tools that Cristina used to raise the largest seed round in the UK in 2020 for a female-founded fintech startup
  • Why you're probably not talking to enough investors at the seed stage
  • Why raising on Zoom is different and what you should do about it
  • The one discussion with a Techstars MD that massively accelerated Cledara's fundraising and how you can apply it to your seed round
  • The reality of the funnel for a seed round and the numbers behind Cledara's raise
  • How to tell when a VC isn't that into you
  • How to know when a VC is into you
  • Why you should talk to VC Associates
  • How to tell when a VC is wasting your time

Alternatively, listen to the podcast on your favourite podcasting app by visiting the episode webpage.

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