What’s new with Cledara: July 2021

We're always working on new features to help your business. Have you been waiting to add another company to Cledara or automatically recognise SaaS prepayments in Xero? You’re in luck, our latest product updates are designed for you.

July 28, 2021


Get visibility, clarity and control across multiple companies 

Do you use Cledara across multiple subsidiaries? Now you can centralise your whole group in a single Cledara account and ensure that each subscription is accounted for in the correct entity.

Just add a new company as a workspace and, once it’s onboarded, you can switch between companies with ease. 

Get visibility, clarity and control over multiple businesses’ SaaS subscriptions in one place.

Xero Asset accounts: automated bookkeeping just got more flexible

Some of our customers shared that it would be useful to record prepayments as well as expenses with Cledara.

We listened. 

Now you can automatically generate journal entries for both assets and expenses for any purchases made with Cledara in Xero.

With a choice between Expense and Asset accounts on Xero, automating your bookkeeping just became more flexible.

Login upgrade: Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

New financial regulation now makes 2 factor authentication a requirement when logging in to a financial product in the UK and Europe. 

On your next login, you’ll notice we’ve upgraded your Cledara login to incorporate 2FA. Other than that, it’s business as usual. 

Take the hassle out of switching currencies 

If you have a Cledara account in both GBP and EUR, you can now switch between the accounts from any screen in a click. 

We’ve extended this feature from Administrators and Finance to all your users, giving everyone a smoother experience, easy access and better visibility.

Your product suggestions

We created Cledara to help you. 

If you have any new product features that would make your life easier, we want to hear them. Just send us your suggestions or feedback to hello@cledara.com

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