Why We're Sponsoring SaaStock Remote

Brad van Leeuwen
Founder & COO at Cledara
Published on
June 1, 2020

SaaS can be a super power for companies. For what is usually a modest, monthly subscription, companies of all sizes can access the types of world class software that was previously only accessible to the large companies with in-house development teams.

Using SaaS makes companies more efficient, more effective and, with remote work increasingly a necessity, better able to adjust to the new ways of working. We believe that by making SaaS manageable for those that use it, we can help companies the world over be successful users of SaaS, and in doing so increase opportunities and resilience of businesses globally.

Now, we’re sponsoring our fully remote first event: SaaStock Remote, on 10-11 June 2020.

So why are we sponsoring an event, and why are we sponsoring it now?  

Many businesses around the world are starting to think about what a new normal could look like. Twitter, Square and other leading tech companies have decided that remote working can work permanently and even traditional banks and insurers have said they’ve noticed increased productivity.

Conferences are a different matter. They’ve traditionally flourished by bringing a community together and taking them out of their daily routine, to discuss business and form new friendships. This is way harder to do fully remote.

There’s no mistaking that conferences will be among the business models that have the most learning to do in this new remote-first world we all find ourselves in, but they’ve also been among the most responsive to Covid. It seems like an age ago, but Mobile World Congress and 4YFN were cancelled in February, weeks (and in some cases more than a month) ahead of any guidance from European Governments.

And it’s because of that responsiveness, that we believe that conferences will be some of the first businesses likely to reinvent themselves for the world we live in today.  The lessons learned by conferences will be applicable to many businesses across all verticals and so we think it's important that Cledara is there to help usher in this new world.

Why are we sponsoring SaaStock?

Conferences used to be hosted by conference centres and now they will be hosted by SaaS. Who better to set a standard for this new type of conference, than a conference that specialises in SaaS?

SaaStock has assembled the most impressive community of SaaS Startups anywhere in the world.  SaaS has been growing fast; 20%+ every year for many years now. That growth has been driven by the most tech-forward companies in the world recognising the power of SaaS. It will be the SaaS companies at SaaStock that help provide the tools that all companies need to thrive in this new normal as the world of business moves to the internet.

But companies need help. 30% of SaaS spend is wasted on forgotten, duplicate and unused subscriptions. If this is what happens when the most tech-forward companies use SaaS, then it’s understandable that many other companies have been reluctant to make the leap. This is why it’s important for Cledara to be an active voice in this community - by providing the infrastructure that companies need to be successful users of SaaS, we can not only help companies of all types adjust to this new world, but we can help accelerate SaaS adoption and grow the market for all SaaS companies.

SaaStock Remote is a virtual conference taking place on 10-11 June. If you’d like to be part of SaaStock Remote, or learn more, check out https://www.saastock.com/remote/. Sign up with our promo link to save up to $100 per ticket.

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