April 13, 2022

Cledara Product Updates: April 2022

Cledara News

Here’s a summary of our latest product updates. Enjoy!

Spring is here! Along with some April showers, why not also make it rain with some fresh new product updates from Cledara? Let’s have a look at what’s new! 

This month our product updates will:

  • Help you make better software purchasing decisions
  • Give you a new place to consolidate all discussions about your SaaS apps, and
  • Allow you to adapt software compliance to your needs 

In a nutshell, we’ll simplify how you manage your SaaS even more

New! Application notes: Consolidate all your software discussions

Your company runs on software. You use software every day to get the job done. It’s only natural that you want to connect and collaborate with your colleagues who also use the same apps: Should you upgrade plans? What’s the reason for keeping this tool? Is it even worth it?

The thing is, usually there are more than two people involved in these discussions and messages end up scattered across email, Slack and Zoom. Valuable information (and time!) is lost along the way, leaving you with empty hands to make a decision.

Now you can consolidate all those software discussions in Cledara, so everyone has the much-needed info to make better decisions.

Introducing Application Notes

The new Notes and Applications tab gives you a space to have software discussions with your peers as well as add attachments of your choice. This way, you and your team will always know where to find the consolidated information you need on any software tool.

You’ll find Notes and Applications tab in the menu of all of your applications on Cledara.

Included in: all plans

New! Cledara Discover: A step towards intelligent software purchasing

With over 25,000 b2b SaaS applications to choose from, teams find themselves at a loss when looking for the right software tool. Not to mention those of you in finance or IT who are in charge of approving the investment in those tools. How can you know what’s the best tool for email marketing? And what does email marketing even mean with so many tools that do similar things? 

Your teams need better insight before choosing a tool, so they can make better software choices. And for the first time ever, we’re putting unique data at your fingertips to help you do so. 

Introducing Cledara Discover 

When you or anyone in your company requests an application in Cledara, we will highlight the top three most popular applications for that category, based on the SaaS usage of over 600 fast-growing companies in Europe and the US that use Cledara.

Cledara Discover

Think about that for a second.

Since hundreds of companies just like you use Cledara, we have the ability to suggest the top three choices for any given category of software instantly. No searching on Google, or looking up reviews on a third-party website.

You now have real-time data at your fingertips to help you make an informed decision. 

Included in: all plans

SaaS compliance: Upgraded functionality is now live 

SaaS compliance is complicated… and ongoing. The good news is that we’re here to help.

With Cledara’s compliance add-on, you can now embed the key steps to comply with ISO27001 and SOC2 for every outsourced software provider. And do it simply.

The good thing is since your SaaS purchasing and management already sits in Cledara, compliance is natively embedded in your existing process. In other words, we help you make compliance a natural extension of your company’s day-to-day.

And we’ve just upgraded it to better suit your specific needs.

Compliance upgrade: add custom questions to fit your compliance needs

Cledara provides a set of standard questions, distilled from regulations, based on our curated legal analysis. However, it might be the case that the compliance standards in your industry are different or your company holds sensitive data that demands further levels of compliance.

With Cledara’s upgraded Compliance add-on feature, you can add any questions and (coming soon) pick the ones you’d like from Cledara’s standard questions. This will allow you to strike the balance you need to meet ISO27001, SOC2 and (if applicable) the EBA Guidelines for Outsourcing Arrangements.

SaaS compliance

Our thoughts on compliance

Compliance touches everyone in the business, not just finance or IT. Your employees need the peace of mind that risk and compliance will be embedded in how they can get their work done. 

Our goal is to help companies like yours comply without slowing you or the business down. And this means embedding key compliance requirements in the existing processes teams already are familiar with. In this case, with the discovery, purchase and management of company software. 

Included in: compliance add on

Want to learn more about adding compliance to your Cledara account? Book a one to one with a member of our success team or learn more about SaaS compliance here. 

Thank You!

These updates and improvements are inspired by customers like you. If you have a suggestion or a comment about any of the updates, drop us a line at success@cledara.com, and we’ll love to make it happen!

PS. Special thanks to Jenny from Marshmallow, Przemysław from Infermedica and Ausrine from Reframe. Thanks to you, Cledara is a bit more valuable to your peers.

PS: Join our referral program!

Change is always exciting. At Cledara we’d like you to be part of helping great companies just like yours get the most out of their software 

By referring Cledara to your peers, you’re giving them an upper hand, while you gain access to a community of peers revolutionizing the role of finance at startups. And we will thank you by adding 25 extra Cledara applications to your Cledara account - No upgrade necessary - as well many other cool perks.



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